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Russian, U.S. National Security Advisors Call Meeting ‘Constructive’

May 25, 2021 (EIRNS)— Secretary of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met face-to-face in Geneva yesterday for the first time. The Russian Security Council statement issued afterwards was positive about the discussion. “The negotiations were held in a constructive manner and helped to better understand each other’s positions despite the persisting differences,” the statement reads, reported TASS. According to the Security Council, a wide range of issues of mutual interests were discussed. “The sides paid priority attention to the issues of strategic stability. They expressed the confidence that mutually acceptable decisions can be worked out in a number of areas,” the statement says.

“The sides agreed that normalization of the Russian-U.S. relations would not just meet the interests of the two countries but would also foster predictability and stabilization on the world arena,” the statement reads. “The meeting in Geneva on Monday has become an important stage in preparations for a possible summit between the two leaders, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden,” Patrushev reported.

The White House statement was not far different. “The meeting was an important step in the preparation for a planned U.S.-Russia summit, the date and location of which will be announced later,” it said. “The discussions were held in a constructive manner and, despite outstanding differences, allowed for a better understanding of each other’s positions.”

“A wide range of issues of mutual interest were discussed with a high priority given to the topic of strategic stability. The sides expressed confidence that mutually acceptable solutions could be found in a number of areas,” it concluded. “The sides agreed that a normalization of U.S.-Russian relations would be in the interest of both countries and contribute to global predictability and stability.”

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