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Tough Russian Response to British Threats To Impose More Sanctions on Nord Stream 2

May 27, 2021 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ripped into the British Empire’s leading role in trying to provoke global conflict with Russia, in response to a media question at yesterday’s weekly briefing. “We have to state once again that Britain’s foreign policy has stopped being rational during the past 10 years and has become a hostage of Russophobic puppets of the British political establishment,” she said. Stated just weeks before the Putin-Biden summit, which the British Establishment is determined to sabotage, Zakharova’s remarks carry special weight.

The spokeswoman was responding to a question about Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s May 24 threat, who had gone so far as to insist that Belarus would not have carried out “this kind of action” in forcing the Ryanair flight to land in Minsk, “without at least the acquiescence of the authorities in Moscow.” Zakharova countered that Russia will respond forcefully to any attempts by Great Britain to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 over the Belarus incident, as suggested by Raab. “I would like to remind everyone that any unfriendly actions taken against Russia will inevitably receive a harsh and commensurate response. And responsibility for the negative consequences of this for bilateral relations will rest squarely with the initiators of confrontation,” Zakharova concluded.

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