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Global Times Interviews RIAC Expert Who Insists U.S. Will Get Nowhere Trying To Split China and Russia

May 30, 2021 (EIRNS)—China’s Global Times has commented editorially on a number of occasions over recent days that the June 16 Biden-Putin summit is positive, and offers an opportunity to reduce tensions between the two countries. They have also asserted that, if Washington’s intention is to court Russia to distance itself from China, it will fail.

Today’s issue of Global Times published an interview with said Danil Bochkov, an expert at the Russian International Affairs Council who made a similar argument, under the headline “Biden-Putin Summit Faces Huge Chasm, Won’t Divide Russia-China.”

Bochkov stated:

“No breakthroughs should be expected since it is the very first top-level meeting in recent years; one which is taking place against the backdrop of a very wrecked and dire state of relations. Russia and the U.S. could if not ease the relations, but bring some mere stability to them by bringing most pressing issues to the negotiation table. If Moscow and Washington manage to maintain Lavrov-Blinken ‘businesslike and productive’ style of the discussion—the exchange of positions may be more sincere paving the way for further interactions.”

The Russian expert explained that Washington’s policy of trying to split China and Russia is understandable in its own terms, but it won’t work.

“China, not Russia, is officially recognized by the U.S. as a threat and main challenge of maintaining the U.S.’s leading positions in the world. Therefore, it is more logical and tactically correct to funnel limited resources to contain China, while playing a balancing game with Russia.... Obviously, the U.S. would benefit from hypothetical confrontation between Russia and China.... The U.S. would not be capable to divide Moscow and Beijing, since they understand that opposing Washington’s pressure together is their naturally overlapping interest, which makes the relationship steadfast and untouched by any global political turbulence.”

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