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Oliver Stone Terms U.S./NATO ‘War Against Russia and China’ a ‘Suicidal Path’

May 13, 2021 (EIRNS)—The well-known and controversial American film director Oliver Stone, who ruffled establishment feathers with his 2017 four-part, four-hour interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was interviewed by the Washington Post on May 11, in which he denounced the ongoing “war against Russia” by the U.S. and NATO. He argued that, instead of this “suicidal path” of confrontation, the U.S. should “get along with China. Let’s get along with Russia, Iran and so forth.” The relevant section of the interview follows:

“Listen, there’s been a campaign, a war against Russia going on for a long time. It started again in the United States around 2006, ‘07, when he [Putin] made that speech in Munich [at the 2007 Munich Security Conference], but I think there’s no evidence really of the aggressiveness of Russia. The aggressiveness is truly coming from the NATO forces that have encircled Russia and that are also, by the way, encircling China. You know, this is a big policy point, huge, of huge importance, and if my life has any importance, maybe I’ll come to a place where I can deal with it, confront it....

“We have to have people in the United States who speak up for the peace point of view, for let’s make progress with the world. Let’s get along with China. Let’s get along with Russia, Iran, and so forth. We have to change our point of view, because we are seeking to still be the only power in the world that is in control of the world. We cannot continue on this path; it’s a suicidal path. And I think many Americans agree with me, but it’s never been allowed to be stated politically. People who say this type of stuff never win elections.”

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