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Fraud of Anglo-American Posturing as ‘Angels of Democracy’ Called Out as Danish Spying for NSA Scandal Builds

June 1, 2021 (EIRNS)—Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, whom U.S., British and EU leaders proclaiming themselves guardians of “democracy” slandered as an “autocrat,” called out their brazen double standard, after the latest exposés of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) using Denmark to spy on all kinds of European politicians, most notably German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Imagine if Belarus did it, if you listened to Angela Merkel: what sanctions would be imposed against Belarus! If Lukashenko had listened to Angela Merkel with the help of Russia, what would they have done to Russia and Belarus?” Vucic told a Serbian TV program yesterday, Market Research Telecast reported. But when it comes out that the U.S. tapped Merkel through Denmark, nothing happens, “because there are no principles. There have been no principles or laws in international relations for a long time,” Vucic complained.

Similarly, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova charged that the United States is “supervising everyone and everything,” while NATO and EU governments remain quiet. “Perhaps they decided to toss their vassal partners a bone, allowing them to bend the rules as well.”

The Anglo-American axis has ordered Huawei, China’s leading 5G company, banned from any country which wishes to be considered “democratic,” on the grounds that the private firm is just a cover for Chinese government spying. “We believe that the reason why the U.S. has groundlessly accused China is because the U.S. itself has been doing so, and the U.S. is convinced that any force with some kind of dominance will conduct the same espionage,” China’s Global Times editorialized yesterday.

“There is no equality and mutual respect within the West. The U.S. leadership of its allies is not conducted in accordance with rules, but is full of coercion and compulsion. It’s not easy to be a U.S. ally. Not only is their sovereignty infiltrated, but they are monitored by Washington at any time. This is the cold reality under the deceptive appearance of unity between the U.S. and Europe.... The image of the so-called one of the largest democracies as the boss of a sinister gang has become more vivid.”

The rest of the international community must speak out, not just Europe, because the NSA-Danish action “severely violated international laws.... Those who are being spied on are not just European leaders, and more countries must have been included.”

“The U.S. is a superpower out of control,” infringing on other countries’ sovereignty and destabilizing the world, Global Times wrote. “It is in the common interest of all countries” to restrict this behavior.

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