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Make Sure Emergency Measures for the Common Good Supersede Hyperinflation and Geopolitical Madness

June 1, 2021 (EIRNS)—Today on a broadcast from Asia, the man considered the author of the triumphalist U.S. National Defense Strategy issued in January, 2018, Elbridge Colby, declared that there are no grounds for any U.S. foreign relations, except maintaining U.S. preparedness to win conventional wars and, when necessary, to conduct nuclear war. Colby is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Deployment. He was the featured guest on this morning’s program hosted by the Asia Times, titled, “What Might Start a Pacific War, and Who Would Win It.”

Though the idea of nuclear war may be terrible, Colby said, you have to be prepared for it. He said that China might miscalculate, and instigate a war over Taiwan, thinking the U.S. would not intervene. Colby’s 2018 Defense Strategy defined China and Russia as strategic competitors who had to be contained, economically, and militarily if necessary.

Colby was asked to reply to a question, submitted by EIR attendee Mike Billington, (though not identified by name by the moderator, David Goldman, who has fallen far from once working with Lyndon LaRouche). In reply to, “Why shouldn’t the United States just join with China in the Belt and Road Initiative to build the world?” Colby retorted, “That would be totally against human nature. G2 [two competing governments coming together] never works. The impulse is simply too great for each country to gain an advantage over the other.” In other words, the Peace of Westphalia—acting in the interest of the other, never happened. Colby went on, “China wants to have a large area where it is hegemonic, sets the economic rules, has suzerainty, as they used to say....”

This is the evil mindset, not only behind the extreme war danger in the world today, but also the economic destruction from the Green Great Reset. It is manifest in many ways. Look at the fact that no effective international collaboration is underway for a successful world vaccination drive to stop the pandemic. The World Health Assembly of over 190 nations ended today (May 24-June 1), acknowledging this deficiency.

Look at the non-reaction to the blatant surveillance-state operations by the U.S. National Security Agency and the Danish authorities, for years, not to mention other spying and dirty operations by the Five Eyes and the Nine Eyes (adding in the Netherlands, Norway, and France, as well as Denmark). Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said this week that the NSA/Danish spying scandal, and the non-reaction, show that there is no international law, no principle, and no morality left in international relations.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today cited these examples, noting that at present, “It is very, very clear that the West, with their geopolitical obsessions, ignores the common good of people.” The Schiller Institute is indispensable in bringing forward the policies and principles to deal with the crises, through the dialogue process and conferences. The June 26-27 event in particular is the occasion to sound forth on the necessity of Glass-Steagall banking reorganization and related credit policies urgently needed, in the U.S. and around the world, which can only be discussed and implemented through a new Bretton Woods conference of leading nations. The fraudulent “science” behind the Green Reset must be exposed and dismantled. The Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites’ approach to solving crises through overcoming lesser obstacles, addressing the common aims of mankind, is critical and must be spread internationally.

Zepp LaRouche further stressed that our timeframe for doing this is “not endless...not a bad infinity.” No. The present day hyperinflation shows a major phase change is in store soon. We need to make sure our ideas for humanity prevail, not those of the genocidalists.

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