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Wuhan Lab or Natural Origin? The British Empire Creates Another False Narrative

June 5, 2021 (EIRNS)—The corrupt corporate news networks in the U.S. appear to have little news to report other than stoking flames of anxiety and fear regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, which, while coming under control within the U.S.—at least for the moment—is raging out of control in hotspots all over the world. As in nearly every critical issue facing mankind today—a rush to military confrontation between nuclear powers; a financial bubble multiply larger than any previous bubble and now spilling out into the real economy with a threatened hyperinflation; a Green New Deal being implemented by the mega-banks, shutting down the advanced sector economies and threatening genocide in the developing nations—in all of these a false narrative has been manufactured by the Malthusian spin-masters to obscure both the actual nature of the crisis and the necessary solutions.

On the military side, the lies peddled in the U.S., U.K. and EU about Russian and Chinese “malign actions,” “military aggression” and “human rights violations” are laughed at in nearly every other nation of the world. The vast majority of citizens in the world have not forgotten that it was the British and the Americans who launched the genocidal “regime change” wars, from Iraq to Libya to Syria, killing tens of thousands of innocents, driving millions from their homes, not to fight terrorism, but to remove anti-terrorist sovereign leaders who would not submit to demands from London and Washington. Military aggression? Nor have they failed to take notice that it is Russia and China that have rushed to provide vaccines while the U.S. has hoarded their millions of doses above their needs. Human rights violations?

On the economic side, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, offering real development through infrastructure development to former colonial nations which have been denied development under the “Washington Consensus,” enforced by the IMF and the Western banks as “inappropriate” for their state of underdevelopment, is declared a “debt trap” and a colonial trick to take over the world. Are you surprised to learn that these nations have been denied development precisely through such a “debt trap” by the neo-colonial powers, while China learned the “secret” that escaping poverty comes only through large-scale physical infrastructure, lifting the productive platform of entire nations? That was once properly known as the “American System,” a system which has long been relegated to dusty library books in the United States itself in favor of British System deregulated “free” markets

Most importantly, take the COVID-19 pandemic. The world knows how China dealt with it—massive testing, contact tracing, and constructing huge new hospitals in ten days—all through mobilizing a concerned citizenry to act on behalf of the nation as a whole. President Trump praised the amazing response in China. When the pandemic reached the U.S., President Trump at first told the population the truth: “our health cupboard is bare,” he said. Decades of turning health care over to Wall Street, letting insurance companies determine medical care and usurp one-third of the healthcare budget as speculative profit, aggravated by Obamacare (and, not mentioned, by the fact that Trump did nothing to reverse the disaster), had led to the closure of hundreds of hospitals, both urban and rural, and “just in time” production to cut costs, which eliminated reserves of medicines and medical equipment. This was the truth. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former MI6 chief who ran the Russiagate hoax against President Trump, said from the beginning that we should not worry about stopping the pandemic, but rather, blame China and make them pay for the global damage.

When the pandemic got out of control in the U.S., as the nation was unable to respond as a “one,” rather than “the many,” and anarchistic actions and lack of coordination created a disaster. The geopoliticians who surrounded Trump convinced him he needed to blame someone else if he wanted to get reelected. In the worst error of his presidency, he gave in to Pompeo and his ilk and began blaming China. The rest, as they say, is history. Americans, for the most part, no longer discuss what must be done to resolve the global pandemic, but are driven into a false narrative, that all that matters is who to blame.

The Schiller Institute, in June of 2020, launched a campaign to resolve this dilemma, in the only way it can be resolved. Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche initiated the Committee on the Coincidence of Opposites, drawing on the work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa in 1453, following the bloody sack of Constantinople, who called on the leaders of nations and great religions to rise above apparent contradictions between their parochial national or religious interests, to address the universal truth, and the common aims of mankind. The Committee’s initial intention is to uplift people’s thinking processes to a level required to recognize the urgent necessity that modern health facilities be provided to every nation on Earth. If this were not achieved, it is likely that the virus variants festering in India, Brazil and other areas of mass outbreak will soon come back to haunt the advanced nations which hoarded the vaccines.

The upcoming Summit between Presidents Biden and Putin—if it is not sabotaged by the anti-Russia imperial interests—is a potential moment of transformation in the current looming catastrophe. While it is obvious that President Biden has cognitive limitations, and that he has even less power to make policy within his administration than did President Trump, we must build international support for the two leaders to agree on emergency measures to stop the pandemic, as called for by the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites. Were that to be achieved, the world would more likely recognize that the same process of global cooperation for the common good, could, and must, be employed to address the global financial crisis, to replace the perpetual wars and the threat of global nuclear war, with global cooperation in physical economic development on the model of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Join the Schiller Institute on June 26-27 for a conference: “For the Common Good of All People, Not Rules Benefitting the Few.” The lives of all of us are on the line, but the creative powers of all of us provide the means to create a new universal Renaissance.

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