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Senator Manchin May Doom Democrats’ Vote Expansion Plan

June 6, 2021 (EIRNS)—Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) concluded, in an op-ed in today’s Charleston Gazette-Mail:

“I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy, and for that reason, I will vote against the For The People Act. The truth, I would argue, is that voting and election reform that is done in a partisan manner will all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen.”

Rather, he would work for a “bipartisan compromise no matter how difficult....” His vote is key in a Senate that is split 50-50.

Manchin also stated that he would not agree to changing the rules to dispose of or weaken the filibuster. (Since it takes 60 votes to dispense with a filibuster, Manchin is pushing for legislation that draws support from both parties.)

The “For The People Act” would require states to have at least 15 days of early voting, along with both online and same-day voter registration. (It would largely ignore concerns with the integrity of the vote.) It would also provide resources to counter “foreign interference” in elections.

Manchin stated beforehand: “We now are witnessing that the fundamental right to vote has itself become overtly politicized. Today’s debate about how to best protect our right to vote and to hold elections, however, is not about finding common ground, but seeking partisan advantage.”

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