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Global Times Editorial Expects Failure of ‘Geopolitical Feast’ in Europe with Biden’s Trip

June 10, 2021 (EIRNS)—The editorial, “Biden To Gain Little from ‘Geopolitical Feast’ in Europe,” in yesterday’s Global Times of China, forecasts that the Washington establishment’s efforts to use President Biden’s trip to rope Europe into confrontation with China and Russia will not succeed. The editorial accurately asserts that the driving force of that confrontation is the economic demise of the West itself.

The editorial begins by taking note of a June 8 op-ed in London’s Guardian headlined “Joe Biden’s Mission at the G7 Summit: To Recruit Allies for the Next Cold War.”

Global Times continues:

“However, all this is nothing but a bluff, because the ‘unity’ Washington is fostering cannot address the real problem of the U.S. and the West. That is, major Western countries including the U.S. are seeing constantly declining competitiveness. When the G7 was established, its GDP accounted for 80% of the global GDP, but has dropped to 40%. This is the real concern for the U.S. and Europe....

“If the U.S. is to compete with China strategically the fundamental way is to greatly revive its own economy,” the editors assert. But that is exactly where the fatal problem lies. The geopolitical confrontation with China and Russia “cannot solve U.S. core anxiety, nor lock the loyalty of Europe. China will continue to rise, and the U.S. advantage over China will further shrink.”

In fact, Global Times concludes, the political elites in Washington, “Far from being in a confrontation with China, they are in a confrontation with the times and with the common interests of the human race, including the American people. They make themselves exhausted and get half the results with double the effort.”

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