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G7 Insists on Accelerating Climate Suicide, Points Unconvincingly at Countering Belt and Road

June 12, 2021 (EIRNS)—Amid claims that “confronting the climate crisis presents an historic opportunity to drive our economic recovery” and similar statements plainly at odds with physical economic reality, the White House report on the G7 meeting lays out efforts made to combat the nonexistent menace of carbon dioxide.

The G7 leaders commit to end new direct government support for unabated coal power generation, internationally, by the end of this year.

They further boast that they will work together to keep global warming to within 1.5° C rise (as though their actions will accomplish this). The 30×30 plan of “protecting” 30% of land by 2030 was a major item, which not only threatens the existence of farming, but also those who consider eating an important feature of daily life.

Biden claims he will move to have carbon-free electricity production by 2035.

All of this comes under an international development theme established at the event: Build Back Better World, known by the catchy moniker B3W.

While developing countries will no doubt be overjoyed to learn that they can no longer work with G7 nations on building coal power plants, the G7 wanted to do even more to draw nations away from the Chinese plot to take over the world through the Belt and Road Initiative. So, they proposed ... well, nothing all that concrete, really, but they do very much intend to have a counter, of some sort. And don’t you worry, it will be exceedingly “green.”

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