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Bertrand Russell Fights Prometheus—Any Bets?

June 24, 2021 (EIRNS)—Yes, it’s true that the BBC reported yesterday that the HMS Defender’s foray into Russian territorial waters was a deliberate provocation that was, as BBC reporter Jonathan Beale, who was on the destroyer, said, “a deliberate move to make a point to Russia.” But what was the point? Was it, perhaps, that “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make MAD?” Were the British unintentionally underscoring the theme to be designated by Helga Zepp-LaRouche for the first panel of the upcoming Schiller Institute conference?

The British, incensed by the fact of the Putin-Biden summit, and the communiqué that echoed Reagan-Gorbachev 1985, stating that a nuclear war can never be won, and must therefore never be fought, decided to play “Who’s the Boss of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance?” in Russian territorial waters on June 23. Being literally, as well as littorally-minded, they attempted to “test the waters,” and found them dangerously warm. It might have been easier to read the recently released RAND report (June 23) which almost told the truth: “NATO might lose a nuclear war with Russia.” “Although the overall military power of the United States and the NATO alliance vastly outstrips that of Russia, a regional conflict close to Russia’s borders would pose enormous challenges and could result in defeat for the West.”

Only polygon-to-circle closer to the truth, though, because, indeed, there is no “might” about it. The RAND report itself, probably influenced by earlier fantasies such as the “Prompt Global Strike” mirage, is delusional. Last week’s Geneva communiqué, on the other hand, was accurate: nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. Reality, however, has rarely been a British strong suit. Evil, more often than not, bases its dirty practices on desire, not reality. “Dirty Bertie” Russell, whom Lyndon LaRouche called “the most evil man of the 20th century,” was dominated by a lustful desire for the resurrection of an imperial world order that he knew to be doomed. In a 1952 interview, on or about his 80th birthday, which can be viewed on YouTube, Bertrand Russell said, “It’s very difficult for anybody born since 1914, to realize how profoundly different the world is now from what it was when I was a child.... A world where ancient empires vanish like morning mist... We have to accustom ourselves to Asiatic self- assertion...It is an extraordinarily difficult thing for an old man to live in such a world.”

So, like many a lecherous old man, he sought to destroy it.

“Russell made more than a dozen public statements in speeches and articles concerning Russia and war in the 1945-48 period,” Ray Perkins, Jr. wrote in the paper “Bertrand Russell and Preventive War.” In a footnote to his article, Perkins states: “[I]n a televised interview with John Freeman published on the 19th of March, 1959, Russell claimed that he was prepared to go to war if the Soviets had not given in: ‘you can’t threaten unless you’re prepared to have your bluff called.’ ”

Climate change and thermonuclear war are a single strategy of the descendants of Russell. NATO, as you will read, is retooling itself as the primary world advocate for “saving the Earth,” echoing the Aquarian-utopian premises of earlier fascist movements, as the book How Green Were the Nazis?: Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich partially documented, and the Schiller Institute’s own The Hitler Book showed more thoroughly some years ago. British Mini-Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey, in a speech before the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), spoke about the implications of climate change on the Armed Forces:

“According to a report by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, current trends show that when the Arctic is fully open, there will be a potential reduction in travel times and fossil fuel costs of more than 40% to maritime shipping. Elsewhere, Oxford University’s ‘Future of Arctic Enterprise’ report states that the Arctic seabed contains about 13% of the world’s remaining undiscovered oil, 30% of the undiscovered natural gas and 20% of the undiscovered natural gas liquids....

“Now, I’m an enthusiastic ‘green,’ and I wouldn’t want anybody to think that I am somehow celebrating the opening up of a Northern Sea Route with the opportunities that it brings for fossil fuel extraction. In fact, quite the reverse—I wish that this was not a threat that we had to face. But my job is to work out what we need to do to keep the U.K. safe and it is a sad reality that the High North could become a potential flashpoint as a result of climate change.

“Moving away from the Arctic, another key geo-strategic challenge caused by climate change is desertification. In May I had the opportunity to visit countries along the Sahel, including Mali and further along in the Lake Chad Basin, both Nigeria and Cameroon. I saw first-hand the desert’s increasing encroachment upon the land, where already scarce natural resources are gradually being swallowed up....”

At the Moscow Conference on International Security, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev also pointed to the Arctic, but with a difference. “NATO’s activity for militarizing the Arctic, especially the deployment of new military infrastructure elements in that region cannot but cause concern.” As for Africa, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announced intent to supply that continent with nuclear power, and China’s already-demonstrated commitment to integrating Africa into the 21st century—including its education of students, from nations such as Ghana—is “not pleasing to the Queen.”

Far more concerning to the British beast-men, though, is the demonstrated ability of other governments to think, as in, for example, what Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in his letter to the participants in the Asia and Pacific High-Level Conference on Belt and Road Cooperation:

“Today, the entire world community is experiencing serious upheavals due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Broad multilateral cooperation and a unifying agenda are required for comprehensive overcoming of its consequences and effective post-Covid recovery.... I am pleased to say that recently we have substantially advanced in aligning plans of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) development and the Belt and Road construction.”

For example, initiatives like China’s deployment of its veteran astronauts to Hong Kong for a university and high-school lecture series promoting national pride in China’s past and future space missions, powered, as 88-year-old “spaceman” Qi Faren, the father of the Shenzhou program, said, by “love of the motherland,” that is, pride in the “one Chinese nation.” Against the principle of the power of Reason, your average beast-man, and beast-regime, as imperial Britain discovered when confronted by Ben Franklin’s Industrial Revolution, is paralyzed, conceptually unable to act.

In one sense, the idea that the British are assisting in the organizing of the upcoming Schiller Institute conference is true. That is because the world—including the non-existent “material world” believed in by the Manicheans—is actually governed by the “physical arc of the moral universe.” This is the universe of Filippo Brunelleschi’s catenary principle, discovered not to solve a geometric or mathematical problem, but to crown the Cathedral of Florence as a “transubstantial” physical proof and reflection of the Augustinian outlook of “man in the image of God” proposed in The City of God. The Duomo was a realization of the work that Augustine and Ambrose had pioneered in music, which had later been advanced in the work on harmonics of Abbé Suger and the great cathedral builders of France, and would give birth to machines, inventions, and architectural techniques that Arnulfo di Cambio, the initial designer of the Cathedral project in 1296, had to believe that others as dedicated to the future mission of humanity as he, would be born to complete. The beast-like geo-political mind rejects the existence of that spiritual-mental power, which is what is actually meant by the assertion: “God does not exist.” The divine, and the ability to divine, are the principle of power, which gives the fire and light of reason and discovery to be molded in the hands of humanity. That is why humanity is the greatest known natural resource for the universe itself.

That coincidence of opposites—the individual creative mind that changes the living universe through humanity, and the dynamic universe changing the individual through that same humanity—is the subject matter which the conference of Saturday and Sunday, will not only discuss, but celebrate.

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