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Carrying Out LaRouche’s Mission

June 28, 2021 (EIRNS)—The four extraordinary panels of the Schiller Institute’s June 26-27 conference described to you in yesterday’s EIR Daily Alert open up new areas for rapidly expanded organizing and influence on world developments by the Institute and The LaRouche Organization. The latter’s pamphlet, “The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Crushes the ‘Green New Deal’ Fraud,” circulating widely for months, led to a Saturday afternoon panel of real experts presenting “The Real Science Behind Climate Change: Why the World Needs Many More Terawatts of Energy,” which will become the new basis for discussion among scientists internationally. It is now the leading edge for organizing the “worldwide anti-Malthusian resistance” to defeat the Green New Deal and “Great Reset.”

The Sunday morning panel, “Weimar Germany 1923 Comes Again: Global Glass-Steagall To End Hyperinflation,” relaunches our drive for Glass-Steagall restoration of a productive banking system, which was initiated by Lyndon LaRouche with several members of Congress already in 2007 just before the global financial crash. At the same time it opens up anti-monopoly organizing potential in agriculture, where the pandemic has shown that a new model of family farming is necessary if we are long going to continue to eat.

The opening session, “Whom the Gods Would Destroy: War with Russia and China Is Worse than MAD,” with a profound keynote from Helga Zepp-LaRouche and representatives from Russia, China, India and the United States, intensified the Schiller Institute’s 18-month drive for a summit of leaders of those four, to genuinely substitute collaboration in development in place of war.

If that is going to be done, the first and primary mission has become clear in the past 18 months. A modern capacity for healthcare, hospitals, public health, medical staff, and medical education and research, must be created in every nation of the world, where the pandemic has shown that most nations have no approximation of this. The “advanced” countries have seen their lowered hospital capacity overwhelmed by COVID; in the developing nations hundreds of thousands have died at home. The pandemic continues; this must be done, and only collaboration of the strongest nations economically can do it.

Helga LaRouche has not stopped urging it be done, since March of last year. On Sunday afternoon, in the fourth session, “The Coincidence of Opposites: The Only Truly Human Thought Process,” she discussed this potential for three and a half hours, with two former U.S. Surgeons General, other medical experts, retired U.S. military professionals, and a UN representative of Russia.

The key is clean water. Each new hospital of 300 beds requires a reliable source of 100,000 gallons of clean water daily; but that is just the beginning. Public health rests on clean water for residential areas, water for sanitation systems, prevention of floods and droughts, and therefore water management for transportation and irrigation for food crops, water for animal husbandry. Clean water really involves river basin systems, which can produce new electricity for new hospitals.

This “infrastructure” task of clean water and associated power, bound up with modern public health, hospital, clinic, education and laboratory systems which must be built in every nation, is the opening for converting confrontation of the military and political systems of the United States, China, Russia, India to the beginning of cooperation in third countries, developing nations. The needed professional representatives of all those nations were at Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Schiller Institute conference, and that international deliberation is underway.

(By the way, the greatest infrastructure need of the United States, by far, is for great projects of water transfer and water desalination to prevent the entire West of the nation from becoming an uninhabited desert, in the drought which has been intensifying for a generation.)

Forget the political somersaults now going on in Washington whether to pass—whether to fund—whether the President will sign—a bill called “infrastructure” which ignores this entire life-and-death infrastructure matter for the human race. Join the Schiller Institute’s mobilization of conferences until the mission is fully underway worldwide.

Here is the video record of the whole conference to watch again, and to circulate, which includes the videos of the four individual sessions, and the list of panelists for each.

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