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Afghanistan, Seen from the Complex Domain

July 20, 2021 (EIRNS)—Something may be developing in Afghanistan, involving forces from the United States, Russia, China, Pakistan, and several nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. You can tell, because everything in the power of British “intelligence” is being done to force Biden to denounce China and Xi Jinping, now through re-running “Russiagate” as “the Chinese hacked Microsoft.” The United States, the British declare, must not be allowed to do with China what it has just done with Russia through person-to-person talks between the heads of state. American representatives, however, have been involved in high-level discussions whose prospects for changing disastrous, decades-long failed policy are as promising as our efforts, and those of our allies, will make them. All concentration must be forced in the direction of undermining the axioms of Anglo-American failure that have characterized the past 20 years, since the still-unexplained events of 9/11, and the derived “Responsibility To Protect” preventive war policies—practices declared as “crimes against humanity” at Nuremberg in 1949, policies that were also instigated, as in 2002-2003 through British intelligence’s “dodgy dossier.”

The international strategic deployment which is the subject of the three-movement organizing process of the next month, indicated by the “date-markers” July 24, July 31, and August 14, requires what Lyndon LaRouche referred to as “visualizing the complex domain.”

In the spirit of “listening to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche,” it were advisable to consult his conception of creativity in music in order to understand how to better inform what we are actually trying to do in these next 30 days. The following is from a September 14, 1995, memo, “Comment on Renée Sigerson’s Memo on Opus 131.”

“How Musical Ideas Become

“The relevant special significance of the Op. 131, is that its organization, as a whole, around transitions, forces the musician to attend to the reality, that the idea of the composition as a whole, is nothing other than a platonic ‘One,’ for which the ordering of the ‘Many’ according to nothing but a constant notion of change is the crucial feature of the development. Compare this with the case of our now-much-cited case of the Eratosthenes’ estimate of the curvature of the Earth. It is the manifest inconsistency among a series of astronomical observations, which is the experiential referent for Eratosthenes’ idea of the curvature of the Earth. It is the process of reducing that series of errors to a notion of ordered change, which leads to the idea of curvature. So in a musical developmental process, it is the adducing of the existence of an ordering principle which subsumes a series of developmentally ordered changes, which implies the idea of the composition as a whole.

“Thus, if one states the formal expression of the developmental ordering of the entirety of the Opus 131, the idea of the composition as a whole is implicitly stated as the platonic idea of a unified process of Becoming. This implies the corresponding attempt to generate the notion of a Good.”

Leibniz’s idea of the Good in politics, an idea which was the bedrock of the American Revolution’s “the pursuit of Happiness,” is what the Schiller Institute, as another form of expression of the intent of the LaRouche Presidential campaigns, is daring to promulgate through proposals like the present Afghanistan initiative that we have suddenly, without preparation or warning, “so nobly advanced.” The Good always poses the greatest threat to the self-doomed imperialists of empires, most emphatically the British.

The “arc” of our intervention, including its July 24, July 31 and August 14 inflection points, is a single process of change, a “One,” intended to secure the establishment of an international agreement, among Russia, China, the United States, and India, to spearhead the successful and timely creation of a world health platform as the basis for the eradication of poverty and pandemic disease planet-wide. That proposal, not “zero carbon emissions,” is a worthwhile goal for 2030-2040. It should be adopted by those nations, as China adopted the ending of poverty for itself, and accomplished it; but, now, given to the world as the mission for Earth’s next generation (next 25 years). Earth’s next 50 years as discussed in the eponymous work of Lyndon LaRouche, is the “envelope,” as well as the “pedal point” for the discussions of the next month, particularly that of August 14-15.

Given “the march of folly” we see displayed once again in the completely predictable “resurgence” of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as in the foolish “war maneuvers and war games” against Russia and China, that health platform may be the only available pathway to avoid the self-immolation of trans-Atlantic civilization, which the tragic, “Wagnerian” performance of many nations’ present leadership-circles foreshadows. Afghanistan has been proposed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche as the theater of battle upon which we must intervene for the adoption of that “reversal of fortune.” We can be the non-tragic exception to the rulers. We are capable of changing their axiomatic, compulsive doom of their nations. Afghanistan is only the graveyard for empires; for patriots and world citizens, it can be the land of a thousand cities, and the New Silk Road—just as it once was, but better. What we propose may be opposite to every instinct of the world’s ruling bodies of the past half-century, but it is natural for those who consider humanity’s General Welfare to be the first and only truly human unit of measurement of progress. The too-long-deferred dream of FDR, Sukarno, Nkrumah, Nehru, JFK, Pope Paul VI, Martin Luther King, and many others, the dream of Hamilton’s First, and Lincoln’s Second American Revolution, is achievable, if we choose to visualize it, as Beethoven and LaRouche do.

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