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Creating a Pro-Human Future

July 2, 2021 (EIRNS)—On this weekend, as the United States celebrates the anniversary of its Declaration of Independence, let us each reflect on how we can bring into reality the potential represented in the presentations and discussions of last weekend’s Schiller Institute conference.

Consider the backdrop:

After the relatively small steps towards U.S.-rapprochement (or at least normalization) with Russia, a British naval provocation in the Black Sea drew a Russian military response and the British have unleashed a new series of claims about Russian hacking of essentially everyone. The danger of nuclear war, growing constantly with the ongoing expansion of NATO despite promises to the contrary, absolutely must be addressed head-on.

Inflation continues apace, with raw materials up 31% year-to-date and prices of cars, homes, and food skyrocketing with double-digit inflation. Yet the Biden White House trumpeted its economic success with a tweet merrily announcing that the cost of a Fourth of July cookout had decreased this year ... by 16 cents!

Green policies that are shuttering coal plants and directing energy investment into intermittent and unreliable sources are leading to blackouts and power shortages. In major de-developing countries, purchases of diesel emergency generators are booming in the context of the unreliable electricity grid.

And revelations published by Revolver News site, if accurate, point to direct lines of questioning that could reveal the events of January 6 to have been, not an intelligence failure, but an intelligence setup, to drive a new war on “domestic extremists.”

Preventing war means exposing and replacing the oligarchical, geopolitical insanity that drives what Ray McGovern, a speaker on the conference’s first panel, identifies as the MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank) complex. A summit among the leaders of the United States, Russia, India, and China is absolutely required to replace geopolitics with a paradigm of growth.

The greatest, expanding impediment to achieving that growth was taken up in the conference’s second panel, which exposed “The Real Science Behind Climate Change,” which covered the wild exaggerations central to the climate catastrophe narrative, the enormous costs of proposed mitigation measures against this false menace, and the immense potential of the actually superior power source of nuclear science. Exposing the Malthusian lie that limits to growth truly exist and must be respected, rather than shattered and overcome, can serve a profoundly liberating role.

The Sunday panels marked inflection points in the drive for a global Glass-Steagall, for the kind of cooperation required to develop health systems throughout the planet, and for the quality of discussion necessary to organize into a higher mission the many different people and groups of the world.

The rotting speculative debt must be given a proper, and speedy burial, and policies for creating real physical and scientific growth must be adopted. The need to ensure health—including creative mental health—for all, can serve as a central driver from which other infrastructure and development needs flow.

Join the Schiller Institute’s mobilization. Celebrate Independence Day by acting to end the legacy and reality of the British Empire.

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