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Preface: The Golden Path Before the World

July 6, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Editorial today’s is the dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche conducted by ChinaPlus, the English website of China Radio International. The following words preface the interview’s transcript:

The dialogue with the world begun by Lyndon LaRouche in the months prior to August 15, 1971, fifty years ago, produced hundreds of proposals, programs and initiatives by LaRouche and his associates over several decades. In November of 1989, following the fall of the Berlin Wall, LaRouche drew on his extensive knowledge of European history, including the development projects of Charlemagne going back to the late eighth century, and seemingly “instantly” formulated a strategy for taking the most industrially productive area of the world—the Paris-Berlin-Vienna Productive Triangle—and using it as a human “machine tool” to power a revolution in economy, diplomacy, and strategy. While that policy was severely hampered by his incarceration, and by the assassinations in Germany of Alfred Herrhausen (November 30, 1989) and Detlev Rohwedder (April 1, 1991), Helga Zepp-LaRouche led an intervention into the East that would begin the dialogue, which resulted in the June 1996 Beijing conference, the “International Symposium on Economic Development of the Regions Along the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge.” This occurred despite the attempts of Sir Leon Brittan of Perfidious Albion to prevent it from happening.

As the World Summit of Parties transpires, convened by Beijing in the aftermath of a quarter-century of China’s own work, of continuous dialogue with China and Russia by the LaRouche organization, and of the successful advancement, by many parties, of the World Land-Bridge strategic economic outlook first enunciated at that 1996 conference, the power of the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche falls over these proceedings, as a cumulative cultural world-effect, influencing even the minds of those that have yet to read LaRouche for themselves. “The awful shadow of some unseen Power floats, though unseen, among us,” Shelley says in the opening lines of Hymn To Intellectual Beauty. That might well be said of the true character of “actualized potential” for LaRouche’s ideas in this moment.

The triumphalist, “permanent revolution/permanent war” faction for which the vapid George Herbert Walker “Rubbers” Bush was once the CIA ad-man, and his son, George “Gee-whiz” W, “Igor” Dick Cheney, and Barack “al-Yamamah” Obama define the arc of American humiliation that incarcerated the American people by incarcerating LaRouche. As in Beethoven’s Fidelio, a new method of thinking must be embodied to free the United States to be itself, and declare independence from the “empire of the mind” of British policy. That is the method presented in the dialogue with China Radio International.

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