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There Is No Climate Emergency: Apply the Science and Economics of Development To Stop Blackouts and Death

July 23, 2021 (EIRNS)—Devastating floods in Europe, China, and India. Historic drought in the Western U.S. What do these events have in common? If you said “climate change,” you’ve been had. In fact, these problems arise from too little human intervention into our environment, not too much.

Civilizations are defined by their ability to control and defend against nature’s variations and shortcomings. Those that develop an increasing ability to create improvements in their environment—a series of infrastructure platforms—flourish, while those that stagnate, fail.

A power grid that relies on (or is called upon to rely on) interruptible forms of power like wind becomes increasingly susceptible to blackouts, with the loss of life and economic output that comes with them.

Adopting the Green New Deal is choosing to have blackouts.

Failing to invest in water management infrastructure is choosing to be vulnerable to flood damage.

Tolerating poverty on the planet decades after it could have been entirely eliminated, is choosing to allow the development and circulation of pandemics.

These are not natural disasters; they are man-made failures to take actions, proposed decades ago by Lyndon LaRouche, to develop a science-driven, technologically advancing economy capable of rendering ourselves increasingly immune to the vagaries of unimproved nature.

On Saturday at 9 a.m. (Eastern U.S.), the Schiller Institute will be holding a conference “There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’: Apply the Science and Economics of Development To Stop Blackouts and Death.” Participate to learn how to defeat the mutually assured destruction of the Green New Deal and chart a path forward, to economic development, infrastructure growth, and breakthroughs in nuclear power that will enable the next generation of space exploration.

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