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Huge Demonstrations against ‘COVID Passports’ Across Europe, Australia

July 25, 2021 (EIRNS)—Mass protests took place on July 24 in Australia, the U.K., France and Italy, but not against the mounting danger of war, nor against the economic collapse sweeping the Western world, but rather against the efforts to impose “COVID passports” or “Health Passes” of various types in those countries. In the U.K., a former nurse turned anti-vaxxer addressed a major crowd on Trafalgar Square, comparing those giving the shots to Nazi doctors, saying : “Ask them what is in it. Ask them, get their names, you email them to me ... with a group of lawyers we are collating that. At the Nuremberg trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial and they hung.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced “freedom day” on July 19, lifting all lockdown restrictions, except for imposing forced quarantine for people identified as having had contact with someone who tested positive. This has reportedly resulted in 1.7 million people being in forced quarantine. The demonstrations, however, are aimed at Johnson’s plans to introduce vaccination passports, required to enter nightclubs and other venues.

While the U.K. demonstrations in London and Leeds were generally peaceful, those in France and Australia were not. Australian police arrested hundreds of protesters and issued fines to hundreds as well. According to RT, a strike force has been set up calling on people to send in videos to identify the protesters, while “at least 22 veteran detectives will be working as part of a special unit to identify and track down people who attended the rallies.” Thousands of people joined the demonstrations in New South Wales and Melbourne.

A total of 161,000 people took part in 168 protest actions across France, Le Parisien reported, citing the Interior Ministry’s data. Some 11,000 demonstrated in Paris alone in three separate demonstrations. Where the Yellow Vest demonstrations over the past years were generally focused on very real economic decay, these are anti-vaxxer rallies, demonstrating the madness that is taking over in much of the advanced sector, reflecting the Dark Age conditions. President Emmanuel Macron has also ordered a special certificate, required for people visiting various public areas, and a compulsory vaccination mandate for certain jobs, including medics.

In Italy, protests were held in more than 80 sites, focused on Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s plan to demand health passes. Over 3,000 rallied in Rome and 5,000 in Turin. Starting from Aug. 6, only Green Pass holders will be allowed into cafes, restaurants, gyms, and open-air shows. RT reports that some signs compared Draghi to Hitler, others read “Freedom, No More Dictatorship.”

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