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There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’—Apply the Science and Economics of Development To Stop Blackouts and Death

July 24, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Schiller Institute held a virtual international conference July 24, on the theme, “There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’—Apply Science and Economic Development To Stop Blackouts and Death,” just at the time of escalating green hysteria blaming “climate change” and CO2 emissions for the several severe disasters at present including flooding in North Europe, China and India, the drought and heat wave in Western North America, and warnings of electricity blackouts this summer across large parts of the United States. The presentations and discussion among 20 speakers, representing eight countries, including six states, brought out that these emergencies are not from climate change, but weather events whose degree of damage is directly related to lack of infrastructure. Moreover, if the green agenda is allowed to continue, there will be mass breakdown and depopulation.

The panelists included scientists, engineers, retired military, farm leaders, a physician, a state lawmaker and others, many of whom have been leading battles within their respective sectors to debunk the green axioms, and mobilize for advanced power and infrastructure systems. Out of the conference, ideas were exchanged for even more concerted action, involving specific projects of water management, nuclear power advancement, and especially for public health security. The specifics included the Transaqua Project to refill Lake Chad in Africa, the North American Water and Power Alliance in North America, and priorities for nuclear power including micro-nuclear, small modular nuclear reactors and more. Next weekend July 31, the Schiller Institute will host another conference, at 10 a.m. EDT, on the strategic importance of getting to work on full-scale development in Afghanistan.

One lifelong nuclear technology expert summed up the day’s discussion, saying the dialogue was so powerful, that it was on a par with the Davos World Economic Forum—a 50-year institution—except that the Schiller Institute event was for the good, and Davos is a bunch of billionaire elites.

Schiller Institute founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave the keynote address starting the afternoon panel. She repeatedly denounced the green axiom that humanity is bad, pollutes and ruins nature. Just the opposite, mankind’s creative nature is coherent with the development of the universe. The conference was opened with a video of Lyndon LaRouche giving a speech in December 1985, addressing this topic, that “Science is Good.” LaRouche said:

“The Good is the power of mind, to recognize a principle of reason, as the lawful ordering of the entire universe; to recognize that a process of development is associated with this; and to recognize that the continuation, and acceleration, of the takeover of the personality by elaborated reason, is the Good. The elevation of the moral condition of mankind, in correspondence with this principle, and in actions congruent with that principle, is the Good....”

The conference had two sessions, beginning with, “The Economic Effects of Green MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction” which included firsthand reports from Europe and the United States on flooding, electric grid subversion, and land use attacks on agriculture—all from the Green New Deal agenda. Schiller Institute Science Liaison Jason Ross opened and concluded the first panel, emphasizing humanity’s “relationship to the environment” as actively within our power to affect for the good. Moreover, “we are not an Earth-limited species.” Think what we can be doing with great opportunities, like astronomical observation from the far side of the Moon.

The second panel focused on the vision, science and technology for intervening to advance development. It was titled, “Energy, World Health and the End of War: The Power of Energy Flux Density.” The Schiller Institute’s Dennis Speed moderated, with Panel 1 Co-Moderator Diane Sare, Candidate for U.S. Senate in New York.

Two of the 11 speakers on this panel are prominent European leaders of initiatives to discredit the core lies and models of the assertion that human activity is causing CO2 emissions, which are causing destructive climate change. They are Franco Battaglia, Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Modena, who in 2019, was co-sponsor of a petition declaration, signed by nearly a thousand of scientists, that “There Is No Climate Emergency.” Likewise, Professor Guus Berkhout, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, who is President of CLINTEL (Climate Intelligence, a foundation). Berkhout is also a member of the Dutch Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. His remarks were titled, “Stop Blaming Climate Change for Your Failures.”

Battalgia, using graphics, tore apart the global warming climate models, showing how they could not at all predict any past phenomena and trends of record. Meteorologist from Kansas, Mike Thompson, a state senator, used many illustrations to show the solar dynamics in climate change, as differentiated from weather pattern shifts. He denounced the false CO2 emissions propaganda as “weaponized science.”

Berkhout gave an illustrated history on flooding in The Netherlands, his homeland, which suffered great damage this month. In the Maas Basin, flooding was worst where in the feeder streams and tributaries, the pumping stations, canals, and inland dikes have not been maintained. There have been worse floods in the past, and also examples of famous Dutch hydraulic defenses, such as the Delta Works. Berkhout ridiculed EU Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, “who blames all misery on climate change.”

A dramatic report on flooding in Germany was provided by Christian Lohmeyer, a farm leader in Lower Saxony, who is on the Board of Landvolk Mittelweser. On July 15, Lohmeyer made a three-minute self-video, after hearing from a fellow farm leader in the Ahrweiler district, near Bonn, on the gross inaction by authorities there, who then blamed “climate change” for their own negligence. Lohmeyer denounced the officials and greens, who blame farmers for hurting the environment by growing food, then turn around and do nothing while 100 people die. “It’s not climate change.” He said that 50 farmers came out on their own at 3 a.m. in Ahrweiler with their tractors and equipment to save lives and protect what they could, and nothing at all was done by the authorities! There was not even a contact person. Nothing.

Paul Driessen, a well-known science analyst based in the U.S., author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, gave a review of the track record of green lying in many areas, such as falsifying the number and intensity of hurricanes. He reviewed past blizzards, twisters, and hurricanes, blasting the “con artists” who blame climate change, not lack of defense from bad weather. He ended with a warning about the consequences of making the green electricity shift to “intermittent, unreliable wind and solar.” He said, “If you do, you deserve what you get.”

A presentation on “How Future Electricity Security Is Threatened by Wind and Solar Technology and Blackouts,” was given by German specialist, Alwin Burgholte, Professor Emeritus, GADE-Hochschule Wilhelmshaven. He reviewed past outages and causes, e.g. the 2003 blackout in New York, and the near European crash in January 2021, stressing the obvious essentials for stability. Even a minor outage can require weeks of work to reconstruct the grid.

The U.S. electricity overview agency North American Electricity Reliability Corporation (NERC) has issued a map of areas of the country where the likelihood of blackouts is very high from June through September 2021, because power generation baseload has become insufficient. Kansas Sen. Mike Thompson reported that his state has 3,100 wind turbines, and plans to add another 1,000. In Kansas, 43% of the electricity comes from wind and solar, which is the second highest in the nation after Iowa, with 49%. The potential disruption to farming and food is enormous, given that Kansas and Iowa each rank first or second nationally in wheat, corn, hogs, eggs and soybeans. Together they are second to Texas in cattle.

Minnesota farm leader Andy Olson reported on how “fragile” the electricity systems are throughout the farm belt states. He debunked the idea that gas-fueled peaker plants can be counted on as backup when the wind turbines are down. Seven coal-fired plants in Minnesota have been converted to gas, but the logistics and huge expense of getting and using the gas doesn’t work.

Angel Cushing, farm leader and activist from eastern Kansas, reported on the green assault against agriculture land use. It comes in the form of zoning, easements, Federal, and green elite maneuvers, done in the name of preserving nature, with fancy code names such as, “viewscape.” There is a “heritage area” campaign. This is all part of the “30×30” assault, to remove 30% of U.S. land and water out of any economic use by 2030, which is in Biden’s Executive Order 14008. This week, the federal Bureau of Land Management held a virtual public comment session on a plan in the works for an “American Prairie Reserve,” centered in Montana, that is to be over 3 million acres, larger than the nation of Lebanon. There are to be only bison, no more traditional livestock grazing.

The conference videos are archived on the Schiller Institute site.

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