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To Defeat the Fascist Global Green Deal, Afghanistan Development Can Be the Key

July 26, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Schiller Institute’s July 24 conference of scientists and technologists, “There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’—Apply the Science and Economics of Development To Stop Blackouts and Death,” threw down the gauntlet to the so-called Green New Deal being imposed by big finance on the governments of the world without the consent of the governed. The conference made clear the actual answer of competent scientists, engineers, meteorologists to the threat of extreme weather events: Build better infrastructure and maintain it! Build seawall and water management and storage infrastructure against storms and floods; build river basin development and water transfer infrastructure to cope with droughts; build reliable electric power infrastructure, especially nuclear, to make economies work for human life.

The World Economic Forum financial elite and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) intend the opposite—letting heat, cold, flood, drought, disease, hunger reduce human life to “save the planet.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) issued its latest Sustainable Recovery Tracker report “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Energy Sector” for the global climate summit of governments in Glasgow in November. The report sets out more than 400 “milestones” to transform the global economy “from one dominated by fossil fuels into one powered predominantly by renewable energy like solar and wind,” primarily aimed at “energy.” The primary authors, in addition to the IEA publications teams, come from the International Monetary Fund and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. It claimed all countries’ measures already taken to reduce carbon emissions were nothing compared to what the planet demands: Four and a half times more carbon must be cut out of power production, heating, steelmaking, etc., etc.

The IPCC “scientists group” met today to start “finalizing” five carbon-cutting scenarios for nations at the Glasgow Nov. 1-12 meeting. The IPCC claims its computer models can precisely forecast climate and weather changes by 2030 for each scenario, and by region of the world, so as to put pressure directly on individual continents and countries.

The former U.K. government’s COP26 Regional Ambassador to Sub-Saharan Africa from March to October 2020 Paul Arkwright made just such a direct and public demand on Nigeria (where he had previously been British High Commissioner, aka ambassador). Nigeria is the largest Black African nation by population, one which has a great deal of oil and natural gas and wants nuclear power and development. Cut out much, much more of that carbon, said Arkwright.

In the United States capital investment in the energy industries is collapsing, reported Standard and Poor’s. There is crushing pressure from Wall Street and City of London banks, BlackRock and other huge fund managers. All the capital investment is going into wind and solar parks instead.

But Kansas State Sen. Mike Thompson, a 40-year meteorologist and TV weatherman, showed this at first panel of the Schiller Institute conference: At the worst of the “polar vortex” deep freeze in February 2021, all that wind and solar power disappeared, forcing fossil fuels and nuclear to fill in the 98% of electricity generation! If those fossil fuel and nuclear plants hadn’t been there, Kansans would have frozen to death; Texans did, that same week. But the plan of the Green New Deal is that the fossil fuel and nuclear plants won’t be there—not in the Midwest or Europe, not in African countries which don’t even have nuclear plants yet, not in Southeast Asia.

The IPCC, the “green” financial elite intend the Green New Deal to reduce the population of the world that way.

The Schiller Institute, even as it organizes such forces around common interests worldwide, understands that to beat this genocidal policy the powers which resist it—China, Russia and the United States at least—must cooperate in funding real technological development, great infrastructure projects, worldwide. Despite the tremendous tensions, even danger of war among those nations, that cooperation could be launched “suddenly,” in Afghanistan. They are all responsible and obligated there. They all have strong interests against opium traffic and terrorism. They have all been involved there, including the United States which once, after World War II, worked to transfer the Tennessee Valley Authority development miracle into the Helmand River Valley.

That is the Schiller Institute’s next conference, this Saturday: “Afghanistan: A Turning Point in History—After the Failed Regime-Change Era.” The announcement is available as a pdf to send out now to your contacts and register.

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