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The Enemies of the Human Race’s Success Are About To Be Sent into Orbit!

July 27, 2021 (EIRNS)—In the course of a discussion with associates yesterday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche called for the creation of a transnational task force for scientific truth, tasked with deploying the “united front” of forces that were assembled in embryo at the July 24 Schiller Institute conference “There Is No ‘Climate Emergency’—Apply the Science and Economics of Development To Stop Blackouts and Death.” The first, sobering scientific truth is, that there is no reason that 300 million-plus people on the planet are now in danger of starvation. There is no reason for anyone on the planet not to have electricity, now, with the technologies available. There is no reason that anyone has to walk three hours or more to retrieve sometimes contaminated water, when fresh water can be made readily available. That truth was established by the conference speakers—farm leaders, scientists, retired military officers, nuclear engineers, and Schiller Institute researchers.

“We have to only solve one problem, and that is to make sure that this very powerful message gets out in a much stronger way than we have been doing so far,” Zepp-LaRouche said.

“I think the worst thing we could do is to sit on our hands and be happy that this event took place, and not make sure that we do the utmost to really get it to all scientific organizations, to all people concerned with nuclear, with blackouts, with energy in general, related issues. So I really want to put this out as a task, that we make a list, many lists of all organizations that should know about that, and start building up our outreach in a much more systematic way, than we have been doing.

“So given the fact that this will be a major issue probably escalating between now and the COP-26 conference [on Nov. 1-12 in Glasgow], I think we have to have the aim to derail this story, that there is a consensus among the scientists about the causes of climate change.... Maybe we can think about a supra- or transnational task force where we start to really work together to make sure our impact on the scientific organizations, and I mean that in the generic form, that that becomes much, much bigger.... “

There are notable statements on the theme of the true human identity of all mankind being located in our capacity for fundamental scientific and technological breakthroughs, which you will find reported in the items below. Those statements, interestingly, are from thinkers and patriots from Russia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, Argentina—but generally not from the United States, France, Germany, or the trans-Atlantic world. With the exception of the forces associated in one way or the other with Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, or the initiatives of the Schiller Institute and affiliate organizations, almost all policy pronouncements presently being made, deny an essential premise—that the problems facing, not only humanity, but life and non-life as well, are susceptible to resolution through the power of creative reason. This method of creative reason, as expressed and contained in the “negative ontology” and “negative theology” of Nicholas of Cusa, is the subject of the dialogues being carried out in the organizing process that began last Saturday, that culminates in the Aug. 14 LaRouche Legacy Foundation retrospective on LaRouche’s successful forecasting method, and is escalating with this week’s July 31 discussion of “A True Proposal for Peace Through Development, for Afghanistan and the Globe.”

LaRouche’s documents such as 1984’s “The Present Scientific Implications of Vedic Calendars from the Standpoint of Kepler and Circles of Gauss,” and the later January 1985 “The Implications of Tilak’s Theses for the Scientific Potential of India Today,” as well as in 1984 “The Science of the Human Mind: A Treatise on Fundamentals,” may be suddenly very much appreciated, for example, by persons in Bolivia who speak about “Millenarian people armed with advanced technology” as being unstoppable, or like the Foreign Minister of Paraguay Euclides Acevedo, who, at the occasion on July 24 of the founding of the Latin American Space Agency, said: “We may not yet have satellites to place in orbit, but we are beginning to send into orbit those enemies of success, those apostles of failure, of mediocrity and of resentment.”

When the President of Uzbekistan invokes, as he did on July 16, the identity of South and Central Asia as composed, not of ethnicities or language groups, but of an intense dialogue of civilizations among scholars like Ibn Sina, al-Farabi, al-Khwarizmi and others, this also shows the way out of geopolitics. The fact is, that LaRouche and his associates are not only familiar with the terms of such a dialogue, but hold the key to a creative restatement, including through the conducting of public “Socratic” dialogues in the streets, of the principle of the power of Ideas, that is at the core of the Platonic method, This was embodied in 2005’s “The Principle of Power” collaboration among LaRouche and scores of his youth colleagues, as directed by the LaRouche Science team, “The Basement.” That earlier scientific dialogue in Europe, from 1439 until 1517-25, resulting in new discoveries and inventions, and the machine tool designs for their multiple and even mass replication, created the most rapid expansion of potential population growth in history, and greatest real wealth.

Yes, the pandemic spread of the coronavirus and its multiple variants, along with the possibility of new fungal and other mutations, demonstrates the accuracy of LaRouche’s 1973-74 warning about “a biological holocaust on the horizon,” were his policies not adopted. Nonetheless, the adoption by President Ronald Reagan of LaRouche’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) policy in March 1983 demonstrated that the United States Presidency can be moved to greatness, just as Martin Luther King had successfully moved that Presidency in the spring and early summer of 1963. In a world where the Belt and Road Initiative does nothing if not remind America of its once-productive identity, the Zepp-LaRouche proposal for Afghanistan collaboration among Russia, China, Pakistan/India, and the United States, and others, is a bold attempt to replicate, albeit in secular form, what Cusa sought to do at the Council of Florence in 1439.

While such policy formulation as LaRouche accomplished in 1983 is a scientific matter of the highest order, it is of the very specific nature that LaRouche described in the remarks that began the July 24 conference, which can be viewed, and which are only partially excerpted here: “What is the Good, as if it were known only by one person, in defiance of the contrary opinion of every other living person? And how could that Goodness be proven? That is the question which preoccupied Socrates: What is the Good? Man is properly motivated by nothing but the love of the Good! That love of the Good, and its efficient self-service, is the essence of efficient self-interest....”

It is the conveying of that underlying idea of the Good, in the course of happily wrecking such ideological evils as the scientific climate-consensus lie, and proposing a policy of peace through development for Afghanistan, which is the self-chosen task of the proposed transnational task force for the advancement of scientific truth.

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