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WFP’s Beasley Tells Rome World Food Systems Pre-Summit, Only $40 Billion a Year Can End All Hunger by 2030

July 31, 2021 (EIRNS)—World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley made a strong intervention this past week in the July 26-28 Rome World Food Systems Pre-Summit, by focusing on ending hunger, instead of greening food production, and serving “nature” apart from human beings. The UN WFP July 26 press release reported:

“Speaking at the opening of the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in Rome on 26 July, the World Food Program (WFP)’s Executive Director, David Beasley, called for action to reach zero hunger.

“While the world has the expertise and the resources to end hunger, efforts and attention are being directed somewhere else. ‘While we are rushing to space, 41 million people are knocking on famine’s door,’ he said.

“Calling out billionaires, Beasley said that ending hunger by 2030 would cost $40 billion per year. ‘That seems like a lot of money. But in the United States alone, in the last one year, the U.S. billionaires’ net worth increase was over 1 trillion,’

he added.

“ ‘There’s over $400 trillion on planet Earth today. It is a shame that we have one single child going to bed hungry—let alone dying of hunger at a rate of one every five, six seconds.’ ”

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