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The Shadow of LaRouche’s Forecasts in Our Future

Aug. 3, 2021 (EIRNS)—The increasingly complex web of processes into which the LaRouche faction has now poised itself to intervene, are the new terrain of a reality that will never again look like that of the pre-2020 world. A unique, though not new, compositional approach must be taken, to change the minds of the people of the trans-Atlantic sector. As the Austrian chancellor said of the Greens, “It would be totally wrong to believe that we could save the climate in the future by asceticism ... the only right approach is to rely on innovation and technology.... I do not share at all the view that our direction should be going back to the Stone Age.”

The LaRouche forecasts, like the compositions of Beethoven, are the shadow of an unseen power, a principle of nonviolent power, a power of change “which floats, though unseen, among us”; otherwise we were doomed by what lies immediately ahead—not by our prospects, but by our axioms.

Remember that the city-state of Florence was not, as the credulous believed, depopulated by the Black Death, but by the “Black Guelph,” as well as other factions of the oligarchy. In fact, the city had begun to lose population from the time of Dante’s exile, and consequent triumph of the murderous financial policies of the Italian banking houses. From a height of 105-125,000 in 1300-25, it had declined to 80,000 before the 1347-49 Bubonic Plague, in which about half that number died. Even by 1425, when Cusa was 24, Toscanelli 25 and Brunelleschi 48 years old, the population was only 60,000. Monetarism demanded, and secured, the self-cannibalization of Europe. The disease was the means, not the cause.

From this standpoint, look then, as Dante did, at the ostensible prospects before us—what we see in the emergence of new strains of disease, including the treatment-resistant Candida auris “super-bug,” identified as present in New York City hospitals since at least 2019, itself the consequence of failing to care for the General Welfare through public health and sanitation measures, including drug eradication and mental health, which were insisted upon by LaRouche in 1974, 1985, and 2001.

While the Biden Administration drunkenly asserts that it leads the world in vaccine mobilization, China has in fact created vaccine production and research centers in many nations, distributed some 350 million doses of vaccine worldwide, and organized 28 nations to join in launching the China Initiative for Belt and Road Partnership on COVID-19 Vaccine Cooperation. The pathetic EU, which promised 200 million vaccines to help the developing sector, has delivered on 8 million—4% of what it promised. The difference is measured in lives, not numbers.

India’s present decision to walk away from the Glasgow COP26 trap, and its crazy “kill coal” project, has particularly upset Sir Mike “Mouseolini” Bloomberg, as just expressed in his news service:

“When India failed to show up at climate talks in London last week, the meeting’s British hosts took it as a snub. It was also a stark reminder of how hard it’s going to be for diplomats to pull the global climate back from the brink of disaster, with less than three months to go before the next round of high-stakes negotiations.”

SciTechDaily reported on Aug. 3: “Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo are set to make space history with two Venus flybys just 33 hours apart on August 9 and 10, 2021.” The Solar Orbiter is a joint NASA/ESA project, which will investigate the poles of the Sun for the first time. BepiColombo is a Japanese Space Agency JAXA/ESA project investigating Mercury. Why are they rendezvousing at Venus? No, it’s not an extraterrestrial hookup; they will be, in fact, the proverbial two spaceships passing. They won’t even be able to take pictures of each other. “The two spacecraft need the gravitational swingby to help them lose a little orbital energy in order to reach their destinations towards the center of the Solar System.” It’s more like a two-part invention, a contrapuntal intersection of the gravitational field of Venus intended to deploy that gravitational field as a brake, allowing both spacecraft to access and “ride” that orbital pathway to significantly different ends. And BepiColombo will be able to take some pictures from Venus as it moves away from the planet, and maybe a couple of partial selfies as well. Solar Orbiter’s first visit to the poles of the Sun will be March of 2025, with later visits scheduled for 2027, 2028, and 2029.

This represents the minimal vantage point, the minimal level of physical economy, and is the minimal level of civilization for the human race. Seen from the vantage point of Dante’s Paradiso, human navigation of the Solar System is Stage One of culture; human navigation of the Milky Way galaxy is Stage Two; human navigation among galaxies is Stage Three. Anything less than that represents the infancy, childhood and adolescence of humanity. And thus, the science behind the engineering and navigation of these and other missions being carried out by more and more nations, is the minimal conceptual standpoint for a true science of physical economy, a standpoint clearly stated in the LaRouche works There Are No Limits To Growth and Earth’s Next Fifty Years.

The method of the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, as applied by the Schiller Institute in the past 12 days, is a reflection of that method of composition that Dante, Beethoven and LaRouche had mastered. It is “politics as art.” It is what can give us the power, not through influential people, but through the influence of ideas, to even at this last moment, provide a pathway from Hell to Purgatory, when looked at from the standpoint of the Paradiso, the Promethean mountaintop of forecasting. It is that which underlies the urgent strategic importance of the August 14 symposium reflecting on LaRouche’s forecast of the end of the Bretton Woods system.

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