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India Says Developed Countries Should Implement IPCC Report, but ‘We’re Doing Enough’

Aug. 10, 2021 (EIRNS)—Indian cabinet ministers have made clear all year that India is not bucking lie on “anthropogenic climate change,” but that the country will not stop its own economic development or use of coal-fired electricity, and not pressure other developing nations to do so. Neither the “apocalypse now if you don’t do so” IPCC report issued on Aug. 9, nor the hyperventilating by media and UN officials which followed, have changed India’s policy.

Indian Environment Minister Shri Bhupender Yadav issued a statement yesterday, calling the IPCC report “a clarion call for the developed countries to undertake immediate, deep emission cuts and decarbonization of their economies.

“Developed Countries have usurped far more than their fair share of the global carbon budget. Reaching net zero alone is not enough, as it is the cumulative emissions up to net zero that determine the temperature that is reached. This has been amply borne out in the IPCC report. It vindicates India’s position that historical cumulative emissions are the source of the climate crisis that the World faces today,”

he continued.

But, “India’s cumulative and per capita current emissions are significantly low and far less than its fair share of the global carbon budget,” his statement asserted.

Not an attack that will secure the defeat of the global “Green” Malthusian assault, but India’s refusing to sign onto any more emission-cutting measures so far continues to be a big problem for the Green “success” hoped for from the COP26 Nov. 1-12 conference in Glasgow.

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