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U.K. Tories Realizing ‘Net-Zero’ Price Hikes Will Sink Them, Come Election Time

Aug. 10, 2021 (EIRNS)—Even in the United Kingdom opposition is growing against the insane Green “decarbonization” schemes pushed by the British Monarchy and its financiers. A lead story in the Aug. 8 Sunday Telegraph trumpeted: “Boris Johnson’s Push for Net Zero Plunged into Chaos.” The kicker explained: “Treasury review delayed over fears families will end up footing the bill for the green agenda.”

The story is that the Treasury Ministry had prepared a report on the estimated costs of implementing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “net zero carbon emissions” policy, which includes such mandates as requiring households to replace all gas boilers and petroleum-fueled cars with electric-powered equivalents. It was to have been released last Spring, but it’s finding that the poorest British households cannot afford what they must nonetheless implement, and that is deemed too politically explosive.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak “is said to be increasingly concerned about a looming crisis over the cost of living for British households, as the country faces the triple threat of rocketing energy bills, the potential for rising prices as a result of inflation, and an as-yet unspecified suite of policies to enable the country to meet the net zero target,” the paper reported.

There is “growing disquiet” among Members of Parliament from Johnson’s Conservative Party over all this, who fear this green strategy will be “politically toxic” in the formerly Labour Party districts where the Tories won in December 2019. A “net zero scrutiny group” of rank-and-file Tory MPs is being pulled together to fight back against these plans, chaired by Craig Mackinlay, who had come out of the pro-Brexit UKIP party.

As a reporter from “Climate Depot” observed regarding this story: “It really should not have taken a genius to work out that forcing people to buy hugely expensive electric cars and heat pumps would cripple most family budgets.”

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