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How Was Lyndon LaRouche Able To Forecast Today’s Systemic Crisis 50 Years Ago?

Aug. 11, 2021 (EIRNS)—We are just days away from a major conference on Aug. 14, sponsored by the LaRouche Legacy Foundation (LLF), to look at the effect of the 50-year anniversary of the events of Aug. 15, 1971, which established Lyndon LaRouche as the world’s leading economist, both in his forecast of that, and of his warnings and the solutions he provided afterward. In her weekly webcast on Aug. 11, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is a founding Board member of LLF, began her discussion as follows:

“I think this event will highlight the fact that Lyndon LaRouche is, at least in the trans-Atlantic world, by far the leading economist who foresaw what was the implication of Nixon abandoning the Bretton Woods system, by replacing fixed exchange rates with floating exchange rates, which set the direction in all the evils we see today—a pandemic, a blowout of the financial system, a general collapse of the cultural side of society.

“Lyndon LaRouche foresaw what this dramatic break was, by abandoning the focus on the real economy, on physical economy and the actual universal principles of the universe, and replacing it with systems analysis, cybernetics, the whole information theory. Because LaRouche recognized the fundamental flaw in the theories of Norbert Wiener, of John von Neumann et al.

“There will be many experts from all over the world who will speak about these issues on Saturday, Aug. 14. I think that people should really watch this, because if you want to understand why the economists of the world were unable to predict the 2008 crisis, why they are completely helpless in finding even an analysis, let alone a solution to the present crisis, then this Saturday’s event is an absolute must for you to see. This will be an Earth-shattering event, and I’m not promising too much.”

The title of the seminar is “So, Are You Finally Willing to Learn Economics?” and it is sponsored by the LaRouche Legacy Foundation, which is pulling together the entire body of Lyndon LaRouche’s written, video and audio work.

Zepp-LaRouche explained: “The LLF is publishing all the collected works of my late husband. We already have published one very beautiful edition, Volume I. The second one is underway. We will digitalize his entire body of works, so that it will be available for everybody who wants to seriously study physical economy, but also the many other areas of the very, very rich work of my husband. So this is a very important event for many, many reasons.”

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