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So, Are You Finally Willing To Learn Economics?

Aug. 13, 2021 (EIRNS)—The strategic instability of Afghanistan desperately calls out, not for unending military intervention, but for a realizable vision for future development. Fools respond to events, while geniuses create, sometimes urgently, the longer waves of thought and commitment that shape human history.

On this weekend, the fiftieth anniversary of the action taken by the Richard Nixon administration to end the Bretton Woods system and adopt floating exchange rates, the world has much to learn from the economist who forecast that point of decision, understood its implications, and fought for half a century to put in place a just economic system to achieve economic development around the entire globe—Lyndon LaRouche. Because of the power inherent in the potential for human reason to respond to his ideas, he was imprisoned, attacked, but not defeated. Today, his vision of a paradigm for development capable of bringing the human race entirely out of poverty is being carried on by the movement he created, his cothinkers, and especially by his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche. It offers the potential to build on the Belt and Road Initiative, itself inspired by his work and that of his wife, to draw further benefit from the best aspects of trans-Atlantic culture—of the Golden Renaissance and its view of man, of the creation of modern physics by Johannes Kepler, of the musical advances of J.S. Bach, and the American System of economics that so far surpassed the oligarchical system which it was developed to overcome.

Join the LaRouche Legacy Foundation for an event on “LaRouche’s Discovery and the Earth’s Next Fifty Years,” starting today, Saturday, at 9 a.m. EDT, 3 p.m. CEST.


Panel 1: “On LaRouche’s Discovery,” 9:00 am EDT (15:00 CEST)

Moderator: Dennis Small (U.S.), LaRouche Legacy Foundation

Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Board of Directors, LaRouche Legacy Foundation

Ding Yifan (China): Deputy Director of the Research Institute of World Development, China Development Research Center (DRC) “The Importance of Physical Economics in Today’s World”

Jozef Mikloško (Slovak Republic), Former Vice Prime Minister of the first Czechoslovakian government after the fall of Communism

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko (Ukraine), Doctor of Economic Sciences, Chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, People’s Deputy of Ukraine (MP) 1995-2002: “Saving Mankind Is a ‘Mission—Possible’ ”

Yekaterina Fyodorovna Shamayeva (Russia): “Design and Management of Sustainable Development and an Interdisciplinary Synthesis of the Fundamental Ideas of the Schools of Lyndon LaRouche and Pobisk Kuznetsov”

Paul Gallagher (U.S.), EIR Editorial Board: “LaRouche’s Early Forecasts”

LaRouche on the World Stage: Through the Words of Ramsey Clark (U.S., former Attorney General); Dr. Enéas Carneiro (Brazil, former member of parliament and presidential candidate); José López Portillo (Mexico, former President)

Discussion Period

Panel 2: “Earth’s Next Fifty Years,” 1:30 pm EDT (19:30 CEST)

Moderator: Megan Dobrodt (U.S.), Board of Directors, LaRouche Legacy Foundation

Jacques Cheminade (France), Founder and President of the Solidarité et Progrès Political Party in France, former Presidential Candidate: “Lyndon LaRouche’s Method of Physical Economy in Coincidence with France’s Republican Humanism”

Dr. Kirk Meighoo (Trinidad and Tobago), political analyst, media commentator, author, and former independent Senator in Trinidad and Tobago

Roberto Fritzsche and Eduardo Fernández (Argentina): “Notes on Potential Relative Population Density in Lyndon LaRouche’s Economics”

Harley Schlanger (U.S.) Schiller Institute: “Nixon’s August 1971 Announcement: An Eyewitness Account”

Fred Huenefeld, Jr. (U.S.), Schiller Institute Board member; former President of the Louisiana Association of Soil Districts; former President of NORM (National Association of Raw Materials); former Treasurer of the Louisiana State Democratic Party

Theo Mitchell (U.S.), Former State Senator, South Carolina

LaRouche in the Universities: Gretchen Small (U.S.), LaRouche Legacy Foundation: “LaRouche in the Libraries”; Carlos “Itos” Valdes (The Philippines), The Philippine LaRouche Society; Carolina Dominguez (México) LaRouche Youth Movement; José Vega (U.S.), LaRouche Youth Movement

Discussion Period

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