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Kicked in the Axioms: Can the Trans-Atlantic World Change, and Listen to LaRouche?

Aug. 17 , 2021 (EIRNS)—In speaking to associates today, regarding NATO’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”-like meltdown in Afghanistan, Helga LaRouche laid out the organizing perspective for the next several days and weeks: “I think we should regard these statements” on the Afghanistan debacle (as described in coverage below)

“as an open invitation for us to really insert our analysis and solution into this debate. I think we have a tremendous advantage with the [July 31 Schiller Institute Afghanistan] Conference we did two weeks ago, and we have previous materials we had from the BüSo: the ‘White Book,’ which we published in 2011, which already completely blasted this war as ill-defined and wrong, and should stop—this was 10 years ago! Then we had the Afghanistan Papers in 2019, also admitting that the war was horrible; it should have stopped at the latest then. We have the video of the conference; then we have the off-print in EIR, which we can use in English to send around widely.... This is going to be the issue for at least several weeks, if not more.

“And it is the potential for a change. If we could get a significant number of elites, or representatives of leading institutions in Europe, to admit the whole interventionist wars, the whole geopolitical orientation to be the junior partner of the unipolar world of the Anglo- American empire, was a complete mistake—it was not in the interest of European nations, it was not in the interest of the affected countries—and that the entire paradigm from the Tony Blair Chicago speech in 1999—all the wars, regime change, ‘color revolutions,’ ‘axis of evil,’ all this is out of the window. And that, if we want to have a world worth living in, it has to be a new paradigm, in cooperation with Russia and China....”

It should be noted that all the discussion about “the chaos” that is erupting in Afghanistan now, leaves out two things: first, that the latest, now-fallen “occupation regime” arrangement was merely the dying form of 40-plus years of organized chaos, and was clearly not a government, but the impersonation of a government; second, that two weeks ago, the Schiller Institute assembled representatives of Russia, China, Pakistan, Italy, the United States, and Afghanistan, who heard both Mrs. LaRouche and Hussein Askary, Southwest Asia representative for EIR and author of the Schiller Institute report on “Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa,” outline the pathway out of disaster that was readily available to Europe and the United States, and has been so identified and available since 2017. The moral imbecility of the City of London and Wall Street, as well as sections of the United States State Department and the Pentagon, has rendered them axiomatically incapable of learning anything, or doing, over the last several months, what other governments have begun to do: listen to the wise words of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. The Aug. 14 LaRouche Legacy Foundation symposium on the significance of the LaRouche method of forecasting is what those failed representatives should now consult, in order to either avert further disaster by finally adopting the LaRouche Doctrine, or, failing that, to know at least how to identify the next stage of their humiliation, a humbling that must occur so long as they continue to embrace their erroneous ideas.

Those that have warned us, and even implored us, to “get with the program,” to “support the home team,” were unprepared, and undeployed for a moment like this. As with our World Health Platform proposal, we have helped make the world capable of mounting an offensive that demands abandoning geopolitics in the interest of mutually assured survival. There is, for the triumphalists, no way of escaping the inevitable, real-world doom of their false axioms. We see, for example, the relentlessly mutating and evolving phenomenon called “the coronavirus,” a process actually far more biophysically complex than that, and which needs to be discussed; the inevitable collapse of trust in the faithless financial-military system that has hollowed out the United States itself, even as the United States carried out no-win wars in foreign lands; and the culture of despair that some speculate may have led to the demographic collapse of the “white” population in the United States particularly in the last 30 years, largely due to the opioid epidemic, as well as the destruction of the nuclear family, and the abandonment of city-building, or even remedial “repair and replace” internal improvements of the nation’s physical economy for a half-century. This “Project for a New American Century” policy was not carried out on behalf of the United States, but against the United States, and on behalf of the greater glory of the “living-dead” oligarchy of the British Empire. The question before us now is: Can the citizens of the trans-Atlantic system that are not members of this triumphalist suicide club summon the powers instilled in the institutions of republican self-government as practiced by Franklin Roosevelt’s and Abraham Lincoln’s United States, and now embodied in the philosophical method called the “coincidence of opposites,” to avert the greatest human disaster of the past 675 years? If so, the world will have then entered what will be the greatest burst of productivity since Brunelleschi and Cusa’s Renaissance.

A certain trumpet must be sounded. What is needed is a “New Testament” community of principle based on the General Welfare, motivated by an “Old Testament-style” uplifting kick in the axioms. As American diplomat and future President John Quincy Adams said in 1806, in the first of his Harvard “Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory”:

“The preacher has no control over the will of his audience, other than the influence of his discourse. Yet, ... It is a great and awful duty to call sinners to repentance. His only weapon is the voice; and with this he has to appall the guilty, and to reclaim the infidel; to rouse the indifferent, and to shame the scorner.... Now, tell me who it is, that will best possess and most effectually exercise these more than magic powers? Who is it, that will most effectually stem the torrent of human passions, and calm the raging waves of human vice and folly? Who is it, that, with the voice of a Joshua, shall control the course of nature herself in the perverted heart, and arrest the luminaries of wisdom and virtue in their rapid revolutions around this little world of man?”

LaRouche’s voice, as clearly heard in the excerpts played at the Aug. 14 conference, particularly in his 1971 debate with Malthusian economist Abba Lerner and others, is the clearest of the past half-century, and of the next half-century, as seen through the book Earth’s Next Fifty Years. The late Rev. James Bevel, in the course of his role in the 1992 LaRouche-Bevel campaign as a candidate for Vice-President, would often, particularly when he was asked by his clergy colleagues, “why are you running with this man?” describe LaRouche to them this way: “Do you remember 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14?” Then, Bevel would get the preachers to recite aloud with him: “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” Then, he would say, “That is our Presidential campaign. That’s real preaching. Everything else is just religious entertainment.” Collaboration with Russia and China on the Belt and Road; with China and others on the Haiti disaster; and with everyone on the World Health Platform, is, actually, a form of “New Dispensation” for the trans-Atlantic world, should it choose it. It is both the best, and the only solution that ever existed to the “Afghanistan problem,” and so many other “insoluble problems” of geopolitics. The world, to have a future, must now leave behind the domain of geopolitics for the domain of physical economy.

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