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Source Indicates Greens in Next Government Means End of German Industry

Aug. 23 , 2021 (EIRNS)—A source active for the interests of industry and infrastructure in Germany’s East told the Schiller Institute in a phone discussion that it is widely feared that the Greens will be in the next German government, which implies that the exit from nuclear and coal will be sealed, with the exit from coal even coming in 2030 instead of 2038, which so far has been the target date.

The source said that it is evident to anyone who is not manipulated by the mass media that without letting the remaining six nuclear power plants run for several years, which means the suspension of the exit date for three of them by the end of this year, and the other three by the end of 2022, the required power will not be available for German industry. Nor will it be available for the millions of e-cars which are to be built in the coming years.

“If the nuclear exit is kept, it is the end for the industrial sites of Germany,” the source said, further conveying that the big hypocrisy in all this would be massive imports of power from Poland (generated by coal) and Czechia and France (generated by nuclear)—the open question being if Germany’s neighbors will really be willing in the long run to help Germany out.

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