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Putin Delivers Major Address to United Russia Party, Discusses Afghanistan Dangers and Opportunities

Aug. 25, 2021 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin, like Chinese President Xi Jinping, is dealing with the Afghanistan situation with his eyes wide open as to the dangers involved. Towards the conclusion of his Aug. 24 speech to the United Russia party, Putin stated: “Let me reiterate: there is a danger that terrorists and different kinds of groups that found a refuge in Afghanistan will use the chaos left behind in that country by our Western colleagues and will try to launch a direct escalation in adjoining countries. And this will pose an immediate threat to our country and our allies, as well as a possible surge in drug trafficking and escalating illegal migration. They are all threats for us, and they are absolutely real.”

He had introduced the topic of Afghanistan earlier in his address: “You know about how complicated and alarming the situation in Afghanistan is today. We are closely monitoring the developments and actively interacting with our CSTO allies. Obviously, we are not going to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, and we are even less likely to engage our army in an all-against-all conflict, which I think is unfolding there, a conflict that has been ongoing in that country for several decades.

“The U.S.S.R. had its experience in that country. We have learned the right lessons. I can say that we have effective capabilities to ensure our security and, first of all, to reliably safeguard Russia and our citizens from the threat of international terrorism. Regrettably, this threat persists, we must be aware of it and exert maximum responsibility about it.”

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