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China’s Foreign Ministry: U.S. Responsibility for Afghan Reconstruction

Aug. 31, 2021 (EIRNS)—At the Chinese Foreign Ministry daily press conference, spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to various questions on the end of the United States’ military engagement in Afghanistan, describing the current chaos as stemming from the “hasty and disorderly withdrawal of foreign troops,” which required mature “reflection and correction” on the part of the United States and other nations.

He began that

“Afghanistan has broken free from foreign military occupation and the Afghan people are standing at a new starting point for peace and reconstruction.... The past and present of Afghanistan demonstrates that the realization of peace, stability and economic development will be impossible without the establishment of an open and inclusive political structure, implementation of moderate and prudent foreign and domestic policies and a clean break with terrorist groups in all forms.”

Furthermore he said, “China will continue to maintain close communication and coordination with all parties in Afghanistan and the international community, and provide utmost support and assistance to help Afghanistan restore peace, rebuild economy, combat all terrorist groups, including ETIM [East Turkestan Islamic Movement], and integrate into the international community.”

He turned to the United States in a later response to media questions:

“We hope that relevant countries will realize the fact that withdrawal is not the end of responsibility, but the beginning of reflection and correction. ... It is hoped that relevant countries will effectively change the wrong practice of imposing their own models on others, and change the hegemonic practice of imposing sanctions or even using force at every turn. The U.S. and some other Western countries should provide Afghanistan with urgently needed assistance for the economy, livelihood and humanitarian needs, help Afghan people overcome difficulties as soon as possible and start peaceful reconstruction at an early date....”

He explained

“Rather than simply walk away, the U.S. should earnestly shoulder responsibilities and work with the international community to provide urgently needed assistance for the economy, livelihood and humanitarian needs, help the new authority maintain the normal operations of governing institutions, maintain public order and stability, curb currency depreciation and price increase, and embark on the path of peace and reconstruction as soon as possible.”

He also stressed that the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul again prove that the war “did not achieve the goal of eliminating terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Countries should follow international law and Security Council resolutions, and resolutely combat international terrorist organizations such as ETIM, the Islamic State and al-Qaeda through cooperation. On the issue of counter-terrorism, there must not be any double standard....”

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