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British Empire Consolidates U.S. Media into Anti-American Assault

Aug. 31, 2021 (EIRNS)—It is useful to reflect on the manner in which the strictly divided mainstream media in the U.S.—rabidly anti-Trump CNN and rabidly pro-Trump Fox—have been fully integrated behind the British Empire’s hysteria against the Biden administration’s ending the Afghanistan war without getting HM’s approval. As EIR has documented, the British are terrified that if the U.S. acts on its own to end the “endless wars,” and joins with China and Russia to develop Afghanistan, it would also end the Empire, which relies on U.S. military might to run its colonialist wars. A clear example was available Aug. 30 between the simultaneous broadcasts of Sean Hannity on Fox and Chris Cuomo on CNN, who usually pride themselves on exposing the “lies” and “fake news” of each other. Last night, one could not tell which show one was on, as each were virtually identical—and straight from the bloody British,

Hannity: “Apparently Joe Biden was telling all of us an outright lie, because there are still hundreds, maybe thousands, of Americans left in Kabul. This transcends politics, this is not Democrat, Republican, conservative, or liberal. Everybody should see it right here.”

Cuomo: “Americans are still on the ground, who wanted to get out, and couldn’t, an unknown number of families, who believed America when they were told that they would be saved if they worked with U.S. troops, are also still there. The concept of ‘No man left behind’ is centuries old. And it is a concrete commitment that inspires loyalty. Do we still believe in that commitment?”

Hannity: This was “the worst self-inflicted foreign policy disaster in American history.” He demanded that “everyone involved” be fired—Blinken, Sullivan, “yes, Joe Biden too, fired.... Under Joe Biden, the terrorist called all the shots. Let’s stop lying to ourselves right here. The Taliban is a terrorist group. He [Biden] said the Taliban has made commitments on safe passage.... Joe, you’ve got to be kidding.”

Cuomo: “There is no question that while Biden was dealt a bad hand, he played his cards poorly, as well.... Because the Taliban is not our friend. It is an oppressive regime. It’s not about cooperating. They are in control. And now, thanks to you, they are much better-equipped. How much of what America left behind for the Afghans, does the Taliban now have?”

Hannity: “Biden did nothing as the Taliban took over $83 billion worth of U.S. weapons. Many of those left behind will be murdered.”

Cuomo: “How safe are we at home? Being on the ground in Afghanistan is why we didn’t have a new 9/11.”

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