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Tucker Carlson Admits, Biden Is Getting the ‘Trump Treatment’ from His Own Military for Afghan Pullout

Sept. 5, 2021 (EIRNS)—Fox News celebrity Tucker Carlson, in a piece derived from his Friday TV commentary, pointed to the screaming irony that President joe Biden is doing what Trump promised in Afghanistan, and is now being “Trumped” for it by his own military. Carlson emphasized the significance of the Reuters report of Aug. 31 based on the leak of Biden’s last phone call with then-President Ashraf Ghani on July 23.

“First, we know that this conversation took place because the Pentagon or State Department leaked it to Reuters. Why would they do that? Because whatever his faults, Biden did pull American troops from Afghanistan and they hate that. So they leaked an audiotape of the President speaking to another head of state. That’s illegal. You can’t conduct statecraft if people are leaking the content of your conversations. Yet they are doing that to get back at him because he broke the rules. He stopped permanent war. He did it ineptly, but he did it.”

Although Carlson doesn’t get anywhere near mentioning the key role of the British in fostering the attacks on Biden (as they did on Trump), the significance of his remarks stand out when compared to the unadulterated neo-con lunacy coming from the likes of his colleague, Sean “Howling” Hannity—and from Donald Trump himself, for that matter.

Carlson went on to accuse the military leadership of lying about the war in Afghanistan for 20 years, and observed that, in response to being privately and publicly humiliated by Trump in July of 2017, they made it their mission to undermine civilian control of the military.

“Keep in mind, that is not how democracy is supposed to work—military leaders report to the people you elect. Again, that’s not what happened,” Carlson wrote. “Stories began leaking about the President, President Trump, ignoring classified intelligence about Russian bounties in Afghanistan. Where do you think those stories came from? They came from the Pentagon—it was payback. Then the military refused to pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, even though they were ordered to do so by the elected President of the United States—again no civilian control of the military.”

Carlson also reported that military leaders, like General Milley, along with their co-thinkers in the media, celebrated when Biden became President, asserting that the “adults” were now back in charge. But now,

“they look especially absurd in light of what we’ve just seen in Afghanistan. These days, Joe Biden’s friends in the Pentagon and the ‘foreign affairs desk’ at NBC News no longer think he’s an adult. He abandoned American citizens and got thirteen Americans killed, and suddenly they seem a little ashamed. Plus, he’s turned his back on the neo-con project and that’s the greatest offense of all.”

Carlson asserted that “adults” means “people are willing who pretend that everything is going fine when in fact it is not going fine.... So if you’re wondering why Americans are so confused that Kabul fell in an afternoon and the Taliban controlled the country we occupied for 20 years, maybe it’s because they thought we were making progress,” he stated.

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