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Taliban Want Relations with Regional Nations

Sept. 6, 2021 (EIRNS)—TASS, citing Al Jazeera television, reported this morning that the Taliban intend to invite a number of other countries to attend the installation of the new government that they expect to announce within the next few days. “We have sent invitations to Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar to take part in the [ceremony] of announcing [the composition of the new Afghan] government,” said an unnamed Taliban representative.

Mohammad Akbar Agha, a former Taliban field commander and now the leader of Afghanistan’s High Council of Salvation, told TASS yesterday that the Taliban is very interested in establishing relations with Russia (where TASS specifies that it is outlawed), Iran and Pakistan. “We should establish broad relations with Moscow, since it is in the interests of both the Taliban and Russia. Iran and Pakistan are also countries we want to establish relations with. They need us and we need them,” said Agha.

Agha also stated that the Taliban have no objections against having a U.S. embassy in Kabul but Washington is afraid of it. “Before the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan there was a possibility to have good relations with Washington. But after their invasion and their crimes ... relations have worsened,” he said. Agha said that “there are chances that [diplomatic] relations between the United States and the Taliban will be established. I think the Taliban will not be against opening the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. But the United States is afraid of the current situation in the country and most likely there will be no embassy for some time.”

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