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Why the British Hate Shakespeare and LaRouche

Sept. 7, 2021 (EIRNS)—To announce the creation of a new Schiller Institute webpage entitled “Shakespeare In Exile,” the following quote was taken from Lyndon LaRouche, whose 99th birthday occurs on Sept. 8:

“He has pitted his life for his nation’s justice, and for the cause of all this world’s oppressed besides. For this cause, he has adopted the insults which the wicked and the fools of this world have come to heap upon the mere mention of my name...” Lyndon LaRouche, “On the Subject of the Sixtieth Birthday of His Excellency, the Honorable Frederick [R.] Wills, Esquire,”

Sept. 16, 1988.

That standard of integrity is what is required in order to think clearly, non-tragically, in a time of crisis. Even though correct decisions, sometimes of momentous import, may be courageously made by a head of state or others, the durable survival of a nation or a civilization demands an intellectual consistency that can only be achieved, both on the part of the citizenry as well as leadership, through an immersion in the production and/or performance of Classical art.

Fred Wills, the former Foreign Minister and Justice Minister of Guyana, on September 27, 1976, addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the subject, not merely of debt moratoria for Third World Nations, but for the establishment of Lyndon LaRouche’s International Development Bank. He was able to find the courage to do this, when others failed, including during that UNGA session, because of his soul having been strongly rooted in Classical cultural studies, as the primary weapon he fiercely wielded against the racism and depravity of the “British Commonwealth.” Two years later, Wills went into involuntary exile in the United States, joining Lyndon LaRouche, not only in a battle against the Malthusian population-reduction policies of Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush and other British intelligence agents and assets. He also taught, as well as re-studied the works of Plato, Sophocles, Aeschylus, and, most of all, William Shakespeare.

Today, it appears that the Malthusians, the would-be Iagos attempting to pull together the COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow, have suddenly realized that the “Fourth World,” those countries once red-lined by World Bank president Robert McNamara in 1974, and who are the primary targets for extinction by the “global warmers,” are not necessarily prepared to play Othello. They might, instead, embarrass them by skipping the solemnly lunatic proceedings altogether. Of 62 countries identified by the U.K. as “red zone countries”—countries that have small or negligible portions of their populations vaccinated—61 of them are in the (black, brown and yellow) “Third (Fourth) World.” Since those coming from such red zone countries must quarantine for at least 10 days after they arrive in Glasgow, the danger is that, given the expense, the disease, and most importantly, the opportunity, many nations may just not show up at all. When combined with the known resistance from Russia, China, and India to the whole global warming pseudoscience, it seems to have become clear to British intelligence that it were wise to “get out in front of this thing.” Thus, no fewer than 1,500 environmentalist groups are now calling for the conference to be postponed.

Their spokesman is one Tasneem Essop of Climate Action Network International. Essop, the executive director of CAN-I, is an asset of British intelligence. She was previously the International Climate Policy Advocate of the WWF International (formerly the World Wildlife Fund). She also worked for the British Council, sometimes referred to as part of “the soft power extension of U.K. foreign policy,” as an “Education Officer.” The British Council, founded in 1934, is a “nondepartmental public body” sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

COP26 Glasgow can now provide the same opportunity as did the recent British hysteria over the Afghanistan pullout, to reveal, especially to the credulous, the collusion between treasonous factions of the American military, financial, media, etc. establishment with the City of London policy interests antithetical to everything the United States stands for. The synarchy, whether represented by buffoons like Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, wankers like Tony Blair, ghouls like Mark Carney, or the seemingly unlimited supply of shnooks knighted by the Queen over her 69-year reign, is defeatable by those with the courage to think Classically, like Beethoven, Handel, Bach, Schiller, kicking against the pricks (in every sense of that expression). And that is why the British truly hate Shakespeare.

Please also note an emerging story, contained in today’s EIR Daily Alert, that will be evolving in the next days and weeks—the Russian discussion of biological weapons and weapons labs in Georgia, Ukraine, and possibly other locations, operated by NATO and the Anglo-Americans, in connection with setting the record straight about the Second World War. Given the 20th anniversary commemorations this week, the fact that the anthrax attack beginning September 18, 2001, would initially shut down the Congress of the United States for weeks, and that the grade of anthrax deployed in that attack was declared by the deputy assistant director of Fort Detrick to have been “too sophisticated to have been developed by us,” biological warfare, for better or worse, is sure to be discussed, even, perhaps, at the United Nations General Assembly as it opens next week.

In conclusion, Fred Wills offered these observations about Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, observations that are appropriately cited for Lyndon’s birthday on September 8.

“We are blessed with myriad strengths. We focus so much on what the enemy says about us, that we forget what we are ourselves. The chief of our strengths is the creative leadership, and the fertile intellects of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. We have, in the Schiller Institute, the formal embodiment of the soul of the human genius. We must show ourselves worthy of such a heritage.... I wish on your behalf to tell Lyn and Helga, that we intend to be worthy of their leadership. And to tell our enemies ... that we shall never fail, we shall never falter, we shall always open new flanks, and we shall always strike mighty blows over and over and over again, until justice returns, as the imperishable axis of our human existence....”

Fred Wills, Andover, Massachusetts, 1988.

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