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Wang Yi Participates in Meeting with Afghanistan’s Neighbors

Sept. 8 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Foreign Ministers from China and other neighbors of Afghanistan met online Sept. 5 after the Afghan declaration of its interim government. Participating in the meeting were also foreign ministers from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Speaking at the meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi underlined the need for the Taliban to follow through with their commitments on inclusivity and the fight against terrorism. “Recently, the Taliban have made positive statements on issues such as governance, anti-terrorism, and friendly neighbors,” Wang Yi said.

“We welcome this. The key must be implemented in specific actions. One of the most important is broad tolerance, and the second is resolutely combating terror. It is hoped that the Taliban can learn from historical experience, actively interact with all ethnic groups and factions in Afghanistan during the interim government, earnestly fulfill their commitments, and strive for international recognition.”

He also underlined that the situation in Afghanistan was a result of the disastrous war conducted by the United States and NATO. “They have more of a duty to supply economic, livelihood and humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people than any other country,” Wang said, and that they are obliged to help Afghanistan maintain stability and move towards positive development while respecting its sovereignty and independence. Wang Yi also pointed out six major issues that should be followed up in order to assure stability in the country. First, measures must be taken to help Afghans get vaccinated against Covid; second, the “land ports” of Afghanistan must remain open; third, countries should take measures to deal with the massive emigration; fourth, provide emergency assistance to relieve the threat of mass starvation; fifth, deepen anti-terrorism cooperation; and sixth, carry out anti-drug cooperation.

Referring to the Taliban’s announcement that they will no longer produce any drugs, Wang said the neighbors should help Afghanistan to carry out alternative cultivation and jointly eliminate the sources of drugs in the region. “China is ready to take joint actions with all parties to combat transnational drug crimes in the region,” he said.

Wang Yi also referred to this forum as important for dealing with the situation in Afghanistan, which should be continued as they move forward. “It is timely and necessary, as the meeting will help Afghanistan’s neighbors speak with one voice and send a clear political signal,” he said, vowing China’s continued support of the unique mechanism. The meeting was called by Pakistan.

The Chinese Foreign Minister also said that China would provide 200 million yuan worth of food, winter weather supplies, vaccines, and medicines for emergency use to the Afghan people.

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