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A Weekend of Victories

Sept. 13, 2021 (EIRNS)—The truth about 9/11 has finally begun to be set free, after merely the first small installment of 20-year, secret FBI investigation documents were released by President Joe Biden. Thanks to the indefatigable work of the 9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, in concert with this movement for many years, the truth of the Saudi officials working with the 9/11 hijackers and other al-Qaeda terrorists in the United States, has been established beyond doubt for any reasoning citizen. And not just any Saudi officials, but those who were also intimates of the Dick Cheney-George W. Bush White House and George H.W. Bush’s CIA.

Did Lyndon LaRouche not say on the radio on that morning of 9/11, between the first and second planes hitting the towers, that Osama bin Laden was not an independent force and did not run these attacks from Afghanistan, but that the U.S. security screen and air defense screen had been let down with complicity of U.S. agencies? Who was bin Laden but a young Saudi radical trained in Pakistan by British MI6 intelligence and sent into Afghanistan by Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence to work for George H.W. Bush’s CIA overthrowing the only competent government Afghanistan has had in 50 years? Who would believe “bin Laden’s al- Qaeda” did that mass murder in New York and Washington? But Americans were ordered to believe it, and to go to war for it, and be surveilled for it, for 20 years.

But this past Saturday, 20 years from 9/11/2001, the truth was finally established beyond any further coverup. LaRouche was right. He was right already nine months before 9/11, when he declared on Jan. 3, 2001 that Cheney and Bush would need “emergency government” to deal with a gathering financial crash, and would need a major terrorist attack to impose it.

Now another gathering financial crash is, again, the cause of attempts to ignite conflicts and wars. The financial disease of infinite speculation demands LaRouche’s “Four Laws” solution now.

The endless wars from Tony Blair, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney and “W” Bush must all now end. Congress must now repeal, not just the Authorization for the Use of Military force, but the infamous Patriot Act!

And Afghanistan can be the birthplace of U.S.-China-Russia-India cooperation to help a destroyed nation rebuild; there, nuclear confrontation can end.

On Sunday morning Sept. 12, to a stirring “Commemoration of the Victims of Terrorism at the Teardrop Memorial” in Bayonne, New Jersey,

Helga Zepp-LaRouche sent a message of greeting. Assembled were first responders and elected officials from New York City and Bayonne; and Russian officials from the Washington Embassy and New York City Consulate, recalling that Vladimir Putin was the first head of state to call the U.S. President on 9/11, to offer the United States full cooperation against terrorism; and in 2005, to then arrange for the creation and gift of the “Tear of Grief” Memorial, dedicated “To the Struggle against World Terrorism.” Russia’s Ambassador sent a message to the gathering; the Tear of Grief’s sculptor and president of the Russian Academy of Art Zurab Tsereteli spoke, and the mayor and fire and police officers from Bayonne and New York spoke with passion about the bond between the United States and Russia.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche conveyed her message to this gathering:

“The first priority must be to save the lives of the people in the countries which were the targets of the ‘endless wars,’ and the international community is called upon to join hands in bringing real economic development to the entire region, starting with the creation of a modern health system in every single country, which in the time of this pandemic and the danger of future pandemics is the precondition to defeat this curse of humanity. That requires clean water, which is scarce in Afghanistan—a nation hit by droughts—and it requires electricity, of which Afghanistan only produces 600 MW in the entire country, the equivalent of one medium to large plant in the U.S.; 18 million people are food insecure and 4 million are in danger of starvation in the coming winter.

“President Biden is being criticized for the withdrawal of troops, but he did the right thing, and his promise of the ‘end of the era of the endless wars’ also must mean the end of the freezing of financial means for Afghanistan; it must mean the end of the Caesar Sanctions for Syria; and the end of any sanctions during the time of the pandemic. It is the time for joining hands, especially, again, between the U.S. and Russia, as there were several periods in the history of both nations, when such a collaboration existed for the good of all humanity.

“Let us therefore use the coincidence of the end of 20 years of war and the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 for the solemn commitment to regard terrorism, hunger, and underdevelopment as the enemies of mankind, and not each other. Let us replace the era of geopolitics with an era of achieving the common aims of mankind. It is not an idle hope that the human species, as the only one that has proven through its existence that creativity is that quality which can transcend all seeming limitations, will soon leave conflict, aggression and war behind it, and that we become truly human. Let us be inspired by the lofty ideal of man as it is expressed in the great art of the composers, poets, painters, architects and sculptors, such as the creator of this Tear Drop Memorial, around which we gather today.

“These last 20 years are hopefully the final chapter in the adolescence of humanity, to be followed by adulthood—in which people and nations relate to one another based on the creative potential of the other, thus bringing out in them the best they can be. To learn to think that way requires an elevated state of mind in all of us, to think from above, from that higher One of humanity which shows the way to a future, in which all nations and all people will create peace on earth and colonize the stars together.”

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