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UN General Assembly World Leader Speeches Start Sept. 21, with Presidents Joe Biden, Xi Jinping

Sep. 19, 2021 (EIRNS)—The UN General Assembly in New York City is now in session as of Sept. 14. The General Debate, at which heads of state and government or foreign ministers speak for their nations, runs Sept. 21-25, and Sept. 27. Its theme is “Building Resilience Through Hope—To Recover from COVID-19, Rebuild Sustainably, Respond to the Needs of the Planet, Respect the Rights of People, and Revitalize the United Nations.”

President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping (online) will speak on Sept. 21, the day that UN Secretary-General gives the Annual Report on the Activities of the Organization. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Sergey Lavrov will head the Russian Federation delegation in person, and will address the UNGA on Sept. 25. Customarily, a central roster of speakers is not known far in advance, unless the nation announces its leader’s plans.

Among side events this week, on Sept. 23 is the day-long, “World Food Systems Summit,” convened by António Guterres at the instigation of the World Economic Forum networks. Melinda Gates and her echelon will be prominent, and counter-demonstrations and protests are taking place. President Joe Biden is lining up a meeting on the pandemic for Sept. 22, hosted at the White House.

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