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Brutal Deportation Policy Appears To Be for Haitians and Haiti Only

Sept. 22, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Biden Administration’s move to deport to Haiti, more than 10,000 Haitians who crossed into the United States at Del Rio, Texas, is now under attack literally from all sides: both political parties’ Congressional and party leadership, civil rights and human rights organizations; and the Border Patrol agents.

The border in the Del Rio section has been closed now by Texas Rangers and Border Patrol—to Haitians only. The Haitian immigrants, most of whom have come from Chile, Brazil or other South American countries and have not been in Haiti for a decade, are being bused to San Antonio and deported by air to Haiti in restraints, including handcuffs and manacles. They are being deported to Haiti without hearings—required in deportation cases according to the State Department.And they are being deported without agreement of the Haiti government, which is required. Mexican and Central American immigrants deported back into Mexico or to their home countries have been deported by formal pre-agreement with the receiving countries, however it may have been obtained.

The President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd told news agencies that they anticipated this problem weeks ago when rumors began after the Aug. 14 Haiti earthquake that Haitians could again receive temporary protected status in the United States. The agents say they made proposals to the U.S. government then, for a plan of temporary shelter and rapid hearings; but this was ignored. Judd says the agents are being scapegoated for attempting the impossible, “herding” thousands of people at once back across the river or into buses with a few dozen agents on horseback, and that they did not whip or beat any migrants (the videos in fact do not show this occurring, although several agents were grabbing at people and clearly cursing at them). But the lack of blows hardly makes a difference when these migrants are being singled out and essentially treated as if they were runaway slaves in the days of Roger Taney’s Supreme Court; and their nation of origin is being singled out for cold disrespect in contrast to other nations of migrants’ origin.

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