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Taliban Welcomes U.S., China, Russia Ties, Reconstruction Help

Sept. 8 , 2021 (EIRNS)—Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen reiterated yesterday that the Taliban seeks good relations with the United States, and would welcome help for economic reconstruction. Speaking to Sputnik, Shaheen said:

“Yes, of course, in a new chapter if America wants to have a relation with us, which could be in the interest of both countries and both peoples, and if they want to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, they are welcome.... Of course, we won’t have any relation with Israel. We want to have relations with other countries, Israel is not among these countries.... We would like to have relations with all the regional countries and neighboring countries as well as Asian countries.”

Also speaking to CGTN News, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, the chief of Media Communications for the new Taliban government, underlined the relationship with Russia and China: “Afghanistan wants to maintain good relations with Russia, China and other countries and with all the regional countries and the international community,” Ahmadi said. “And we have no problems with any country in the world nor in the region. The new Afghan government welcomes Chinese investors and companies to carry out economic activities in Afghanistan in the future and will provide them with a safe investment environment,” he promised.

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