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Will You Qualify Yourself?

Sept. 30, 2021 (EIRNS)—The discussion in Plato’s drama known as The Republic is of the creation of an ideal society. We are far from such an ideal society today, but one issue that is raised by Socrates in that dialogue is of tremendous relevance. Even if the members of the dialogue worked out an ideal way of directing society, what would the next generation do? Lyndon LaRouche addresses something similar in his book, France After de Gaulle, when he points to the impossibility of relying on a benign tyranny as a structure of government: “The ... more profound objection to the choice of oligarchical government is that the associated estrangement of the overwhelming majority from responsibility for the shaping of policy causes and perpetuates a corresponding tendency for moral degradation among the subjects of a nation.”

He asks: “How do we impart the powers—the qualifications—of citizenship to the adult members of society generally?”

Attempt to answer that question after a review of the crises confronting the world, the existing solutions already beckoning, and the greater potentials still to be created.

The strategy employed by the financial-military empire centered in London, Wall Street, and Washington to maintain its power and its system is mass-murderous in its intention. The confrontation between oligarchical financial rule and the breakdown of the physical economy on which it feeds will be resolved. But how?

Will it be through a Glass-Steagall bankruptcy reorganization guided by a recommitment to the economic principles of the American System, as developed upon by Lyndon LaRouche, for science and technology-driven growth in productivity?

Or will it be through geopolitical warfare to prevent the rise and sovereignty of China and Russia, accompanied with a new supranational power structure of supremacy through financial “regime change” and physical economic collapse enforced through the false crisis of “climate change”? Will hyperinflation be allowed to loot populations as “green” ideology prevents development?

This is the question that confronts every citizen of the world.

With the catastrophic conditions afflicting Haiti, Afghanistan, the millions facing starvation around the world, the victims of cruel geopolitical warfare—fear must be overcome with a greater commitment.

The induced immorality of indifference so characteristic of trans-Atlantic nations is the product of decades of social engineering, through culture, through political terror, through an alienation from the decision-making process.

By crafting a reconstruction policy for Haiti, the Schiller Institute and EIR present hope for the future and issue a challenge: will you make it happen?

With its “The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road,” The LaRouche Organization challenges Americans, in particular, with the tension between what the United States has been at its best moments, what it could become in the future, and its current, pathetic condition.

The question of self-qualification for leadership is posed to every citizen of the world.

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