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A Tale of Two Worlds

Oct. 2, 2021 (EIRNS)—The entire world is reeling from the opening salvo of the hyperinflation programed into the financial system by the Quantitative Easing and other money-printing programs over the past years, directing trillions into the banks and the markets, while almost nothing went towards producing anything in the real economy. That is, unless one considers windmills and solar panels part of the real economy. The so-called “green sector” is booming, including the 100% bubble known as the “carbon markets,” whose only impact other than creating the bubble itself is the intentional collapse of useful production in every part of the globe.

This is the future of the world under the dictatorship of the “Green Finance” movement, run by the financial oligarchs and the royal elite of the World Economic Forum, headed by Prince Charles and the former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney (more recently the UN’s Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance). Their intention is the same as the intention of the British Empire since its founding in the 18th century—keep the “wogs” down and limit their population, make sure their resources are under the control of the banks in the City of London (and now Wall Street as well), and maintain a military-industrial capacity to enforce imperial rule through endless wars.

This Malthusian future was on display in Milan this week, as the “Youth4Climate” held a meeting ahead of COP26, the international climate event in Glasgow in November. Greta Thunberg, the sadly demented child put forth to rant incoherently against human progress, was greeted as a great hero by Prime Ministers Mario Draghi and Boris Johnson, as well as the COP26 President Alok Sharma. As usual, Thunberg expressed a more truthful intention of the Green movement than the bankers who actually run it, who lie that there will be jobs and prosperity in their brave new world. Thunberg, after mocking the slogan used by Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, “Build Back Better,” as “Blah Blah Blah,” said the British were to blame for the catastrophe supposedly facing humanity today because of climate change. Why? Because that’s where the industrial revolution took place!

Were we to return to the idyllic age before the nasty industrial revolution, consider that the world population in 1760 was 800 million, while the current population, fueled by increasing energy flux density over these past centuries, is 7.8 billion. That means Greta Thunberg—and Mark Carney and Prince Charles—by going back to windmills and the Sun, are planning to eliminate a cool 7 billion people.

But this is not the only vision of the world we need consider. It is useful to reflect on the vision of Gottfried Leibniz, the German scientist, statesman and philosopher, who had the most profound influence on America’s Founding Fathers. Leibniz, in reporting on his correspondence with the Jesuit missionaries in China, wrote in 1697:

“I consider it a singular plan of the fates that human cultivation and refinement should today be concentrated, as it were, in the two extremes of our continent, in Europe and in China, which adorns the Orient as Europe does the opposite edge of the Earth. Perhaps Supreme Providence has ordained such an arrangement, so that as the most cultivated and distant peoples stretch out their arms to each other, those in between may gradually be brought to a better way of life. I do not think it an accident that the Russians, whose vast realm connects Europe with China and who hold sway over the deep barbarian lands of the North by the shore of the frozen ocean, should be led to the emulation of our ways through the strenuous efforts of their present ruler [Peter the Great].”

Read, and help circulate, the new pamphlet published by The LaRouche Organization, “The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road,” and you will see that the vision required to defeat today’s Malthusian masters of the Green New Deal is very much like that of Leibniz—mobilize the U.S., China and Russia to “stretch out their arms to each other,” along with the other 140 countries which have joined China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and the entire world can finally be lifted out of poverty, as China has eliminated abject poverty domestically, through great infrastructure projects, lifting the entire world’s population to a higher platform of technology and productivity.

There is no reason that nations like Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen and far too many others are suffering Dark Age conditions of disease and starvation. Doubling food production, providing modern health platforms for every nation, creating nuclear and fusion power facilities to meet today’s and the future’s vast energy requirements—this is sane. Those who think otherwise are insane, and need to be educated, but kept away from positions of political power and influence.

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