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Taliban and U.S. Representatives Meet in Doha Oct. 9-10

Oct. 9, 2021 (EIRNS)—The meetings between U.S. and Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar launched during the Trump administration, leading to the U.S. removal of forces from Afghanistan in August, resumed negotiations today in Doha, and will continue on Oct. 10. Following the first meeting, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid was quite positive, telling reporters that they addressed the humanitarian crisis:

“We had a detailed discussion with the American delegation in Doha, and this discussion will continue all day today and into tomorrow as well. During this meeting, discussions were made about the humanitarian assistance as well, and this discussion will continue. Our aim is to have further meetings with the Americans and also with European delegates in the days to come, so that we can discuss and have their views and suggestions about the current situation in Afghanistan. We have told them time and again that a weak and an unstable government in Afghanistan is not in the interest of anyone.”

Indicating that the U.S. side is at least considering the reversal of the deadly sanctions, and perhaps releasing the Afghan funds frozen in the Federal Reserve, the Washington delegation included CIA Deputy Director David Cohen and State Department Deputy Representative to Afghanistan Tom West, and Sarah Charles from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The U.S. has not released a statement as of this writing, but the pre-meeting messages emphasized the normal issues — preventing terrorist operations in the country, the rights of women and human rights generally, and free passage out of the country for those who wish to leave. About 200 U.S. citizens and Afghans with Green Cards have left the country since the Aug. 31 departure of U.S. forces.

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