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Washington: Diplomacy for Peace; Mobilization for War

Oct. 9, 2021 (EIRNS)—It would be possible to report on a number of diplomatic steps underway by the Biden Administration, and conclude that there is an American shift toward negotiating peace and development. But then, it were equally possible to report on an equally significant number of steps being taken by the same Administration which would lead to the opposite conclusion — that preparations for war are underway, and close to a point of no return.

One need only recall that the decision to end the fruitless and bloody “endless war” in Afghanistan — a move towards sanity — was followed by the British imperial move to unite the U.S., UK and Australia in a military pact, a step towards an “Asian NATO” to prepare for war on China. On Oct. 5, the U.S. Secretary of the Navy Carlos del Toro released a “strategic guidance” which declared China to be the greatest single danger to the U.S. The “central governing concept, the top priority,” he says, is to “expand our war-fighting advantages vis-á-vis the People’s Republic of China” by “expanding our global posture” to surround and threaten both China and Russia.

China’s response to the provocation — especially to the Wall Street Journal claim that the U.S. has military personnel on the ground in Taiwan training the Taiwan military — is equally stark, making clear in a Global Times editorial that if this is true, it will be considered an “invasion” of China’s sovereign territory, and that the U.S. forces would be the first to be eliminated if it comes to war.

And in regard to Russia, the contradictions within U.S. policy are equally absurd, as the Biden Administration asserts the need to improve our diplomatic cooperation with Moscow, followed immediately by NATO’s expulsion of 8 of the 18 Russian representatives to NATO. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov concluded: “NATO is not an instrument of cooperation, not an instrument for interaction; it is a bloc that overall is anti-Russian in nature,” making it impossible to resume dialogue.

And yet, as you will see below, the administration today restored dialogue with the Taliban in Doha, including a representative from the Agency for International Development, giving some hope that the U.S. will end the sanctions and withholding of Afghan funds which are responsible for the near starvation of millions of innocents. The administration also held a round of trade talks this morning with China, described by both sides as “candid, pragmatic and constructive.”

Behind the contradictory measures in foreign policy is the growing recognition that the global economy has entered into a general breakdown crisis. This is not simply a matter of speculators doing what they always do when released from regulation — rather, the system itself is disintegrating. Supply chains are broken, leading to factories being shut down and empty shelves, while energy production by efficient fossil fuels and nuclear power has been replaced with inefficient and intermittent sources more appropriate to the 17th century when there were less than 1 billion souls in the world. Indeed, this Malthusian depopulation is the intent.

Reactions are coming in from around the world to the release by EIR Daily Alert Service exposing the words of Klaus Schwab, the head of the international banking conclave known as the World Economic Forum which is at the center of the “Great Reset” and the “Green New Deal.” Schwab states in his book Stakeholder Capitalism that development in Africa and elsewhere must be stopped at once, since “the same force that helps people escape from poverty and lead a decent life is the one that is destroying the livability of our planet.” While there is a growing backlash against this evil, which could—and must—cause the failure of the genocidal intentions of the COP26 climate conference next month in Glasgow, nonetheless, the thousands of scientists who know that carbon has no measurable impact on the climate must be heard, and this Malthusian climate hoax—fascism with a Green face—stopped in its tracks.

The fact that the architects of this genocidal attack on the human race are increasingly frightened that they are being exposed was further demonstrated this week when they instructed their “Thought Police” at Google and YouTube to ban any advertising which challenges the fake climate change dogma. As in the bloody French Revolution, when the great French scientist Antoine Lavoisier was guillotined under the cry, “The revolution has no need of science,” those leading scientists telling the truth about carbon today are blacked out and ridiculed as “climate deniers.” There is a campaign to declare “ecocide” a crime, equivalent to homicide against human beings.

The antidote to this global crisis is presented in the pamphlet now being circulated by The LaRouche Organization, “The Coming U.S. Economic Miracle on the New Silk Road.” This is the necessary and optimistic program required to put the great potential of American science and technology to work, rebuilding itself and building those nations destroyed by the Anglo-American endless wars, and the many others kept in backwardness by the colonial and neo-colonial policies of the past 70 years.

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