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Financial Times Insists EU Should Punish Poles for Supreme Court Ruling on Sovereignty

Oct. 11, 2021 (EIRNS)— The mouthpiece of the City of London’s daily, Financial Times, writes an editorial on Polish Supreme Court justices throwing down the gauntlet at the EU institutions on Oct. 7: “Thursday’s ruling by a top Polish court that elements of EU law are incompatible with Poland’s constitution poses a bigger challenge to the EU’s unity than Brexit. The Polish constitutional tribunal judgment is a direct attack on the EU’s legal order, which is the cement holding the EU together. The U.K. withdrew from the EU; Poland is asserting its constitutional independence while staying inside. It is corroding the union’s integrity from within.” In short, the unity of the EU is premised on the collective submission of its member states to surrender their national sovereignty to unelected Brussels Eurocrats.

As for the undetailed threats of retaliation by the EU Commission, the FT says: “the EU regrettably has no viable mechanism for expelling a member in serious breach of its rules. The Commission will almost certainly take legal action, threatening large fines if Poland refuses to comply.” FT recommends:

“It must also use its financial leverage to try to pull Warsaw back into line. It is now inconceivable that Brussels would approve Poland’s application for €36 billion in pandemic recovery funds. It also has grounds to freeze other payments. Poland is due to receive €121 billion in EU development aid by 2027. Taxpayers elsewhere are asking why they should support a country that no longer recognizes club rules.... Poles will pay the price for government fanaticism”!

The EU has already frozen planned payments of €23.9 billion to Poland. Nor should the irony of London’s Financial Times dictating policy to Brussels be lost on anyone.

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