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Taliban Briefs VOA on U.S. Unjust Delay of Funds, as China Ready To Invest Billions

Oct. 14, 2021 (EIRNS)—The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid today gave an off-the-cuff, but measured interview to Voice of America, in which he called Afghan assets frozen by the American government the “Afghan people’s bread and butter,” and the freezing of the assets, an injustice. He further stated that they are negotiating with the United States over the matter. He indicated that the U.S. is balking over expressed concerns for the rights of women, even though they have assured the U.S. that the plans for education and treatment of women are being worked out. Islamic scholars have been tasked with updating arrangements consistent with the religion, that respect the safety and minds of women at work and school.

Otherwise, he gave reason for optimism: “China is a neighbor and has a strong economy. We are trying to develop trade and economic relations” with them. They will invest billions, he said, and he mentioned the Mes Aynak copper mines in particular. We don’t want them to interfere in our internal matters, and “they want security for their workers and their assets.”

Without their funds, on Oct. 13 there is at the UN compound in Kabul enough charity for 324 families getting some food and basic household items, with many more waiting to get inside. The UN Commissioner for Refugees spokesperson Babar Baloch explained: “Around 50,000 Afghan people from different provinces of the country have been displaced because of recent conflicts and are in Kabul.” There were more than 18 million Afghanis in need prior to the Taliban victory two months ago. Without funds to be centrally deployed, yesterday’s distribution was from a combination of independent charities.

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