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The British Royals, and the Financial Royals, Are Panicking

Oct. 15, 2021 (EIRNS)—With only days until thousands of people are scheduled to descend on Glasgow, Scotland, for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, a sense of panic has set in among the British Royals that this well-planned conclave, in which the world was supposed to sign on to a self-inflicted suicide pact for the human race, is facing a potential massive failure. Prince Charles, who, together with the bankers in the City of London, has been the driving force of the Climate Change conferences since the 1990s, complained bitterly to the BBC this week that many countries “just talk, and the problem is to get action on the ground, which I’ve been trying to do for forty years.” His son Prince William, being groomed by Charles to take his place as the chief green genocide merchant, told BBC that we should stop wasting time and money on manned space research, rather: “We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.” William will be introducing his “Earthshot Prize,” described as “a Nobel-like prize for the environment,” to five recipients at COP26.

And now the Queen has weighed in, allowing herself to be picked up on a microphone saying to her daughter-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: “I’ve been hearing about COP. We still don’t know who is coming, no idea. We only know about people who are not coming, and it’s really irritating when they ‘talk,’ but they don’t ‘do.’ ”

Indeed, President Xi Jinping let it be known that he will not be travelling to Glasgow, as did Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison—Australia is the world’s leading producer of coal, while China is the leading consumer of coal. The Green fascists were set on ending the use of coal altogether.

But it’s not only that the many leaders are not attending. Indeed, the emergence of massive inflation over the past months, verging on a hyperinflationary destruction of the world economy, has been a rude awakening to the fact that the green fascist effort to replace fossil fuels with unreliable wind turbines and solar panels is blowing up the world economy. Addressing this, the Schiller Institute and the CLINTEL group of international scientists issued a joint statement this week titled: “A Wake-Up Call: The Danger For Mankind Is Not the Climate, But Toleration of a Devious Policy That Uses Climate To Destroy Us.”

China, for instance, dealt a huge blow to the Green New Deal fanatics this week when Premier Li Keqiang, following a meeting of the National Energy Commission to address the shortages of coal, issued a statement which included:

“Given the predominant place of coal in the country’s energy and resource endowment, it is important to optimize the layout for the coal production capacity, build advanced coal-fired power plants as appropriate in line with development needs, and continue to phase out outdated coal plants in an orderly fashion. Domestic oil and gas exploration will be intensified.”

India, meanwhile, which generates 70% of its energy from coal-fired stations, is not about to cut coal production, but the opposite. Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade today announced a plan to double the amount of coal-fired electricity generation by the year 2030.

Similar responses to the massive energy inflation driven by the Great Reset are showing up internationally.

Even the monetarists, the “Economic Royals,” who undermined the Bretton Woods system, unleashing the wild speculation which brought the world to the current crisis, are suddenly screaming that the Green New Deal is behind the threat of hyperinflation. Larry Summers, who was the Treasury Secretary in the 1990s when Glass-Steagall was rescinded, among his other crimes, is now whining that “we’re in more danger than we’ve been during my career of losing control of inflation in the U.S.” He correctly points to the Central Bankers, who are “defining themselves by their wokeness, by how socially concerned they are.” While he doesn’t name it, it is well known that the Green New Deal is being run by the central bankers perverse agreement to cut credit to fossil fuels, industry and agriculture, while creating a new “green bubble” to prop up the banking system, under the lie that carbon drives climate change. This was set in place by the “Network of Central Banks and Supervisors for Greening the Financial System” established in 2017 under the direction of the former head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, with help from the French and Dutch Central Bank chiefs. Of course, Summers offers no alternative

In addition to their fear that their financial system is crashing, the Royals, both in London and on Wall Street, also recognize that if the rest of the world does not go along with their “climate change” fraud, and turn instead to the alternative being offered by China through the Belt and Road Initiative, then the Empire will not survive. The New Silk Road, initiated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and implemented by China’s Xi Jinping as the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, is now fully supported by Russia and 140 other nations as a means of escaping from poverty in the same way that China did—by massive infrastructure development, especially energy dense fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The world is teetering on the brink of financial chaos and global thermonuclear war, while the U.S. and Western Europe are descending into a drug-infested, culturally perverse Hell. And yet, it is precisely this reality, increasingly obvious to anyone with their eyes open, that can lead people to do away with their false assumptions, to make the decision that they must think creatively, with people from every part of the world, to bring about a new paradigm based on the common aims of mankind. This is the LaRouche moment.

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