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‘Accomplishments’ of the G20 Summit

Oct. 31, 2021 (EIRNS)—The leaders of the 20 largest economies, meeting as the “G20” on Oct. 30-31, accomplished the following at their summit:

• They allowed their meeting to open with a lecture by a titled prince, who is also the world’s most powerful environmentalist extremist maniac, HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, who is also ruling the Glasgow “FLOP26” climate summit to follow, and delivering its opening speech. The Prince called the G20 “the last chance saloon” to save the planet, and no doubt there were some of those open in Rome with specially high prices and alcohol content for the participants.

• They took no action on any of the most life-threatening, potentially mass-murderous economic breakdowns in the world, including those which their own nations had directly caused by war, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. This, although the mobilization to demand release of Afghanistan’s roughly $9 billion in funds seized by the United States, continues to grow, with a coalition of international charities making a direct appeal to the G20 conference to do that.

• They created, according to Politico, “the G20 Joint Finance-Health Task Force, charged with enhancing coordination against health threats and promoting joint actions, including deciding how to invest funds.” Outrageously, the communiqué which announces the Task Force, and which declares, “We reiterate our commitment to bring the pandemic under control everywhere as soon as possible,” speaks only of vaccines and does not commit to any aid to countries in which hospitals and healthcare systems have completely collapsed and shut down and millions are going without food—again, Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen, etc.

• They ratified a “global minimum corporate tax” negotiated months ago under pressure from the U.S. Treasury, which “global minimum” has glaring exceptions such as City of London and Wall Street banks, “offshore London” tax havens, and tech giants that pay no sales taxes on their platform products.

• They agreed that they would stop—as of Dec. 31—funding or investing in any coal projects outside their countries (i.e., in the developing countries in Africa, Latin America and South Asia which urgently need the electric power), but would not limit such projects in their own countries.

• The United States and European Union (Biden and von der Leyen) announced a forthcoming trade agreement to a) define high-carbon, higher-quality steel as “dirty steel”; b) keep “dirty Chinese steel” (Biden) exports out of European and U.S. markets, and c) replace “dirty Chinese steel” with low-carbon, lower-quality steel from the United States (removing U.S. metals tariffs in the process). That’s one small loss for a nation, one giant leap backward for the world economy.

With those great accomplishments behind them, many of them proceeded on to the FLOP26 witches’ summit at Glasgow, led by U.S. President Biden with most of his cabinet and a reported total of 80 limousines.

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