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Nigerian President Buhari Is Second African Leader To Score FLOP26

Nov. 1, 2021 (EIRNS)—With an op-ed in Newsweek Monday morning, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari became the second African leader to publicly denounce the Glasgow depopulators’ conference, following Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s scathing Wall Street Journal op-ed last week. Titled, “The Climate Crisis Will Not be Fixed by Causing an Energy Crisis in Africa,” Buhari’s message is simple: Energy is necessary for life, and if you deny it, you will simply turn a “climate” crisis into an energy crisis.

Warnings of “conflict and chaos” from climate disruptions by UN (and other) officials are not new, he says, but, in what he calls an “inconvenient truth” (a direct jab at leading depopulator Al Gore), “energy solutions proposed by those most eager to address the climate crisis are fuel for the instability of which they warn.” Without a reliable source of power, Africa “cannot build the factories that will transform Africa from a low-job, extractives-led economy to a high employment middle-income continent.” Battery light is not much better than candle light, he says, and “the Africa of tomorrow” deserves more.

Buhari, whose country is reeling under several distinct, London-led destabilizations, fueled by “climate” collapse, demands that the “moratorium” which the West has placed on fossil-fuel investments be lifted. He sees nuclear energy as another source “capable of producing baseload, constant electricity production on which sustained economic progress can be built.” Ultimately, the President says that “no one has the right to deny the advancement of our continent.”

With that end in mind, Buhari spent the last week in Saudi Arabia, at the Future Investment Initiative Institute summit, whose theme was “Investing in Humanity.” Opening his address, the President said, “Investing in Humanity is the right thing to do. I strongly believe the historical under-investments in ‘humane projects’ is the genesis of most of the insecurity and socio-economic challenges the world is experiencing today,” later saying it was like “investing in our collective survival.”

Buhari is a strong supporter of the Transaqua project to replenish Lake Chad, and his country is engaged in building the largest nationwide grid of SGR rail lines anywhere in Africa.

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