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What Moves Us As Human Beings

Oct. 31, 2021 (EIRNS)— Despite the constant media hype and pressure to conform, the world will little note the arguments among all the power brokers and “influencers” at the ongoing G20 and climate summits, about whether they’re succeeding or failing in their evil and incomprehensible objective of sacrificing the human species to “the planet.”

We will rather be stirred by the real and urgent need to save human lives, and to better lives, in the crises those summiteers create, but refuse to discuss! The city in Romania, Timosoara, which has had all electric power cut off because it could not pay carbon taxes to the EU, must get it back.

Most people facing this Winter amid a hyperinflation of costs of energy and shelter will not be moved by what the global temperature will be in 80 years, but by whether we can save and improve the lives of the least of us, now. The G20 summit, fixated on “climate change” and lacking the critical input of the Chinese and Russian presidents, undertook no action to change the desperately urgent situation of the people of Afghanistan—punished because the war there did not end satisfactorily to NATO. The huge but failing two-week Glasgow Climate Summit will not even discuss Afghanistan, or Haiti, though their collapses are dangers to the world as well as threatening the loss of human lives in the millions.

What will move people most are powerful ideas about what can be done to redeem our immortal species, what forceful and creative actions can be taken “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Such is Schiller Institute president Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s “Operation Ibn Sina,” to catalyze the action to rebuild Afghanistan, by identifying it with its native son who was the world’s leading medical authority for centuries—when today, nearly all its hospitals have closed in destitution.

Such is the Schiller Institute design for economic development of Haiti, at last, after two centuries of neglect and worse.

And such is the New Bretton Woods plan inherited from Lyndon LaRouche, for the United States, Russia, China and India to end this hyperinflationary breakdown by launching a new international credit system based on FDR’s design. It can begin by setting long-term, nation-to-nation agreements on trade in the key energy commodities, bypassing the criminal speculation on “spot markets.”

These ideas are as beautiful as space travel, as a breakthrough to fusion energy for the world. Those who grasp them have to organize all-out for them now, as a general inflationary breakdown is threatening and millions of people are perishing from famines and pandemics.

The center of the mobilization for them now is the Schiller Institute’s international online conference Nov. 13-14, “All Moral Resources of Humanity Have To Be Called Up: Mankind Must Become the Immortal Species.” Registration and the program for the conference is at the Schiller Institute website. Sign up, and organize for it.

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