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Putin Stresses New Physical Principles and Artificial Intelligence

Nov. 4, 2021 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday wrapped up three days of meetings in Sochi with the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry and defense industry, focused on weapons based on new physical principles. “Developing unique laser, hypersonic, kinetic and other types of weapons was a huge breakthrough in military technology for Russia. It has significantly, many-fold boosted the capacity of the Russian Armed Forces ensuring a high level of Russian military security for many years and even decades to come and it helped strengthen our strategic parity,” he said in his opening remarks, translated in the Kremlin website. “The development and production of these effective and innovative hi-tech weapons is a key development vector for our Armed Forces.”

Putin reported that the testing of the Tsirkon hypersonic ship-based missile is nearing completion and that the Russian Navy will start equipping with it next year. “Now it is particularly important to develop and introduce the technology needed for developing new hypersonic weapon systems, and more powerful lasers and robotic systems that will be capable of effectively countering potential military threats,” he said. Putin also stressed the importance of incorporating artificial intelligence in all of Russia’s advanced weapons systems, as well as in command and control, and in communications systems.

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